How I got the name Jon Yolo

Everyone has that one nickname that sticks for some reason, like Dwayne “The Rock ” Johnson, Kanye West as “Yeezus”, and of course Beyonce as “Queen B”. Well the one that has stuck with me throughout the years has been Jon Yolo or variations, like straight up only referring to me as “Yolo” and I’m here to tell the story of why.

When we were 15-year-old freshmen in high school, one of my best friend’s older brother was a senior who had a great group of friends. He would have parties and we really got to know that class of kids, who helped show us the ropes throughout high school. They had a great senior year, partying every weekend, living it up, and making the most of their last year of high school. There was one senior who was the life of the party, that made the senior year pledge, and that pledge was to black out EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, until graduation. (I’m still not sure to this day if he made it.)

Fast forward three years later, and we were finally the seniors. We all sat around and made a pledge that we would have the best senior year ever. We knew this would be the last year before people went off to work, school, the military, etc. So we carpe diemed the fuck out of that year. And of course like the noble man I am, I took on the pledge that hadn’t been attempted in three years. I would blackout every weekend until graduation.(Sorry Mom)(Sorry Liver)

My friends and I each had 3 or 4 houses that we could consistently have our own parties at. We would switch spots, but we always had somewhere to party no matter what. The amount of Rubinoff, Franzia, and Svedka consumed in just 10 minutes at our parties could kill a small child. At one point one of my best friends and I could drink an entire handle of rube in one night, just the two of us. One could say we partied.

At the time, Jimmy Tatro had just started to blow up on the internet, and this was the first video I watched of him and I fucking loved it. It was a borderline obsession, to the point I basically memorized the whole thing. So at parties that my friends and I hosted, just like at the funeral part of Jimmy Tatro’s video above when he reads the chorus to “The Motto” in a completely serious tone, we would turn off all the music at the party, silence the crowd, and the spotlight would be on me as I would recite:

Now she want a photo
You already know though
You only live once ‒ that’s the motto “pause” YOLO
And we ’bout it every day, every day, every day

People loved it so it became sort of tradition to do it at every party from there on out.

Fast forward a few months to about April.

I woke up on my best friends couch still drunk from the night before, and an idea popped into my head. My friend is a producer/rapper, and that’s who’s house I had slept over at. So I proposed a song to him. I wanted to use the line “I drank too much, I don’t give a fuck!” Then repeat each line with more tone and intensity until the last line I was yelling. I had the idea of how I wanted the beat to sound and so he whipped that shit up quick, then I recorded the vocals and we had our first song. We just needed an artist name, and Jon Yolo was born.


This was the first song we made, and believe or not, none of these songs were recorded sober. We made it in a basement, so it’s not the best quality but played at loud speakers that shit fucking bumped. People were feeling it so we decided to make another. We would play it at parties, in the car, I even bumped that during sets at the gym. We even made a music video to this song (CRINGE ALERT) thats somewhere on youtube. Please don’t look it up, or do, I don’t give a fuck.


This was our second song we recorded and it got some love, people thought it was funny, just all around solid feedback. Just a classic tale of boy dating a girl who has a smoking mom. I like to call it the new age Jessies girl…… and no not Stacy’s Mom… well maybe a combo of both.


This was the one that got the most attention by far. I had to take three seven shots of Jose Cuervo and I busted out the vocal performance of a life time, while recording this fire track.

The music became popular throughout the high school, then the town, and even surrounding towns. (HUMBLE BRAG ALERT!) I even had a girl from a town over the first time meeting me ask me if I was famous from Vine? (not quite). I was treated like a local celebrity and you best believe I ate that shit up.

I graduated high school and I got that graduation money baby, enough money to fund my whole summer.

It Was My Summer of 69

We went to the beach every day, Green Harbor located in Marshfield to be exact. I was with my best friends, at 18 years old with the only thing to look forward to was where the next party would take place. I would have fires in my back yard, listening to our music, going night swimming, without a care in the world. Those were truly the best days of my life. To be 18 again……

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