Should I Become an Emo Rapper?

So I have to admit I haven’t been keeping up with music like I used to back in the day, but recently I’ve been stumbling upon underground hip hop and the shit I’m hearing is crazy. Hip Hop is entering an emo/punk phase which if I were thirteen at this time I could not be happier. When I was younger, I would only listen to rap (Because all the cool kids were doing it) and of course I wanted to be cool too. DON’T YOU WANT TO BE COOL? But deep down  I always had a secret soft spot for emo music.

In fifth grade, my girlfriend broke up with me and I literally watched “Make Damn Sure” by Taking Back Sunday 17 times in a row. I then updated my AIM profile to “single and ready to mingle ” and cried to this video again. ( These were dark times.) “Cute without the E”, and ” You’re so Last Summer” were also my jams. I would listen to My Chemical Romance, some Good Charlotte, and a little bit of Simple Plan and Fall out Boy, and I think All Time Low. I also love Blink 182 but that’s alternative or punk. Fuck I don’t know sub genres so please don’t get mad at me if I put your favorite band in the wrong category. I was also listening to the current big time rappers like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Akon, and Eminem of course. ( Why do I sound like a poser listing those rappers?) I also was a huge old school rap fan. I was listening to Big L, Tupac, AZ, Nas, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Jay Z ( even though he never left.) and a little bit of Wu Tang clan. Two opposite ends of the spectrum musically speaking, but to my little 11- 13 year old self, its what sounded best to those ear drums.

boys of summer

Is This Where It All Started?

Does anybody remember this tour from like two summers ago at the Xfinity Center? At the time everyone was thinking why the FUCK are Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy touring together? No one knew the answer at the time but it looks like Wiz Khalifa was up to something. I never went but I heard it actually was a dope time. Who would have thought Pete Wentz the lead singer drummer of Fall Out Boy would have such an impact on Hip Hop. Is he still dating Ashley Simpson? Is she still lip sinking? Is Jessica Simpson still hot?

lil peep

Lil Peep’s Death

Everyone knows by now of the death of a rising star in the rap game named Lil Peep. You couldn’t go on the internet without seeing an article written about him and to be honest that was the first time I had ever heard of him. So I opened up Spotify and searched Lil Peep and was blown away from what I was hearing. I listened to “Save that Shit” which starts off with light guitar riffs then hits you with a stellar base, followed by the gloomy toned vocals of Lil Peep. I listened to a few others like “Awful Things”, “Beamer Boy”, but my personal favorite was “Avoid” ft. Wicca Phase Springs &  Døves. The hook is fucking dope. I never thought I’d hear a rap song start off with the lines:

I knew love once, it’s hard to forget
I thought of you and nights spent
When I’m backed against the wall
I thought of her and highly
‘Cause she answered when I called
I want her to wanna hurt me
And I miss 2013 love songs

This literally sounds like something Taking Back Sunday would sing, and it was placed over a rap instrumental. They say great music comes from great innovation. When you look at The Beatles, and Kanye West they always were innovating the way music sounds and pushing the culture forward. And I’m not saying Lil Peep was going to be the next Kanye but I do believe coming up with a truly original style is far more impressive than being able to recite a musical note perfectly (couldn’t think of a metaphor there) and Lil Peep was truly an innovator.

lil-xan-221 Pilotsxxxtentacion-mugshot-red

As For the Rest

There are other dope emo rap artists out there as well.  You got Carl from Shameless Lil Xan who honestly has more face tats than songs at this point. 21 Pilots, who was all over the radio this summer with their hit “Stressed out” . They even made a remake of one of the most powerful and emotional songs I know called “Cancer” by My Chemical Romance. I give them credit but I still prefer the original. XXX Tentacion has a few bangers but I feel weird promoting him due to his alleged domestic abuse. But atleast he got punched on stage at his own concert. I guess that’s karma? But anyways its cool seeing music progress this way, especially rap/hip hop. I remember all the haters would say Hip Hop is dying. Nas even made a song about it. Its clear Hip Hop is not dead and is here to stay for a while. We’re truly entering a time period with so many great artists and its nice to sit back and enjoy it. I’m excited to see where music goes from here because it seems we have a great future ahead of us.


Do I Have What It Takes?

That’s obviously a wig but I can grow that shit out, and can you imagine that face with about 7 or 8 face tats? As Jay Z once said ” It took me 26 years to find my path, my only job now is splitting time in half.” I’m 22 years old and it looks like I’ve found my path. I think its time to bring  Jon Yolo out of retirement. I just need someone to buy me this guitar, take a few more singing lesson, get some music software, link back up with a music producer ( Hmu Ace) and I’ll be looking like………E404797D-85F4-4832-B609-53F6415FD06D

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