Year in Review Part One (I Went to Colombia)

2017 is almost over so I’ll talk about some of the key highlights of my year. (HUMBLE BRAG ALERT!)


I Went to Colombia (The country not the School)

So for Spring break this year, I went to Colombia with a group of eleven people. It was also the first time I had ever left the US. Most people will go to Canada, maybe Europe for that first passport adventure, but not me, Colombia it was, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. And no I did not do any cocaine because that’s the only thing people ask me when I tell them I went to Colombia so get your mind out of the gutter. I actually only knew five of the people going into the trip, which was pretty cool because I ended up becoming great friends with everyone by the end of it. We stayed in Cartagena for three nights which is the most touristy city, located right on the beach, with a great night life. Our last night there, we found this club that was the best night out I had ever had. The place was ELECTRIC. Here’s a video I took at 3:34 AM, absolutely hammered of these dancers who were KILLING IT. Please watch so you can understand the atmosphere this place had. I don’t know how drunk me got so close, but I must have been determined because you can literally see the sweat coming from the kid with the large glasses pores. They had three floors, a roof-deck, a middle with a dance floor, and a basement type of floor. It’s a little blurry because of all the tequila shots I took, but it was great. Thank god they taught us how to Salsa in high school during senior issues because I absolutely tore up the dance floor as you can see.


(Chick in the white dress was clearly impressed.) I speak close to zero Spanish so it was a struggle with the local ladies communication wise but with moves like these…………….

It really didn’t matter my lack of Spanish. They say Math is a universal language, well I will one up that and say dance is MORE of a universal language, and your boy is clearly fluent. All joking aside, the majority of the people I went with spoke Spanish and met while they studied abroad in Spain. So only myself, one of my good friends, and this girl who I’m friends with were the only three who couldn’t communicate without assistance. This was our last night in the city before we went to a private island so we decided to go out with a bang. The club stayed open until 4am and you bet your ass we stayed till it closed. We just had one of the best nights of our life so two of my good friends and I didn’t want the night to end.


We Made Friends with the Locals

The dude with the dreadlocks was some big time Reggae Singer from Cartagena apparently, and we hung out with them until 6 am and then realized we had to leave in three hours, so we headed back to our hostel.


One of the girls we went with actually was from Barranquilla, and she was nice enough to let us stay in her apartment for a night. Her father took us out for dinner and picked up the tab, showed us a good time, was electric at dancing, and was just overall the man and a great guy. We kind of needed to take a break from drinking and plus we were going to be hiking the next day so we didn’t go out in Barranquilla but it was a nice city. Even though we thought we were going to be attacked by wild dogs at one point while buying snacks for our hike.


We Slept on the Beach in the Middle of  a Jungle

So after staying in Barranquilla we took a cab to Tayrona. We got to Tayrona and hiked up into the middle of the jungle. Thank god they let us put our luggage on Horse backs because I probably wouldn’t have survived if I had to carry my big ass hiking backpack the whole way there. I also decided to wear jeans while hiking because I over estimated the amount of mosquitos which was a dumb ass call.


Tayrona was by far the craziest part of the trip. We saw a wild cat eat a lizard, I repeat ate a GODDAMN LIZARD. There were also monkeys throwing coconuts, and wild dogs all around us. We had four tents between the now 10 of us that we rented out. ( Sadly one member didn’t make it to Tayrona.) There were other travelers in their tents as well in our camp site. There were multiple camp sites across the jungle but ours in particular was run by one family. The family consisted of a mother, a father, an older brother, and a younger brother named Miguel, who was this little kid about seven years old. At one point we thought we were witnessing the birth of a serial killer when he THREW A KITTEN AGAINST A WALL. It was completely fucked up and we did say something and hopefully Miguel will stop torturing animals one day. They made us food and there were benches to eat at. There were also a guys shower and a girls shower area. The girls had three shower heads and each one had its own private stall, but for the guys we had four shower heads but the stall was completely open between each shower head, kind of like in prison. After sleeping in a cramped tent with two other dudes in the middle of a jungle you start to get a little grimy. We could not put off not showering any longer so two of my good friends and I went into the group shower. There were three of us and four shower heads so some random Colombian man was with us too, and we made ABSOLUTELY ZERO eye contact, used some soap and shampoo and GOT THE FUCK OUT OF THERE ASAP ROCKY. Another one of my good friends refused to take part in this so he used one of the girls private showers which is an absolute savage move and I totally respect it. But man did that cold ass shower feel good. We stayed in Tayrona for two nights. The beach was dope with great waves and we drank many Cervesa’s there. #spanish.E07868E5-F8C2-497C-8ADA-E10F36084D39

(That’s me chugging a warm cervesa after loosing kings.)

So on our last night in Tayrona, we walked down to the beach and it was one of the most peaceful moments of my life. The sky was so beautiful and as you looked up, you could see little fires being made by indigenous people living higher up in the mountains with the sound of the ocean in the background. It created quite the scene. Here is a picture of the view during the day.02CACEEE-C8D8-43A6-A556-C097DAD79A92

We had some great deep talks about life and it was nice to be in the moment and to truly live in it. We were enjoying it so much we decided it was a good idea to sleep on the beach. So we hiked back to our campsite, grabbed our little sleeping bag type things that were in our tents, and started our journey back to the beach. On the way a WILD HORSE ran right by us. One of the craziest things I’d ever seen. (Cue Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones.) We also walked by this Colombian dude who was drunk off his ass and his only words of wisdom to us were. “Playa” ( It means beach in Spanish.)  We slept there for about two hours and all of a sudden rain drops woke us all up simultaneously . We obviously couldn’t sleep through this rain so we packed up shop, and headed back to the camp site, and I kid you not the same dude who was drunk off his ass and just said ” Playa ” was still out drinking by himself in the same spot. We woke up the next morning pretty early so we could go  back to Cartagena for a night(which I previously talked about), and then headed to a private island. This timeline may seem confusing but I wanted to talk about each part of Colombia we went to individually. So we went to Cartagena the first two nights, then Barranquilla for one night, then Tayrona for two nights, then Cartagena again for one night, then a private island off the coast of Cartagena for two nights, and then we flew back. My friend Josh actually saw a group of indigenous people the morning we left Tayrona and took this sick photo.BD68E730-44D5-49BE-BD6A-9E0B0651DE63

We were really out here.


Sunrise on the Private Island

This is a picture I took of the sun rising on the private island we stayed at. This place was really cool. Each night they had a fire on the beach and played music while everyone danced and hung out together. We stayed here at the end of the trip so we didn’t go too hard. We kind of just chilled and enjoyed the rest of the trip. We had our flights back to the U.S. at 1 pm and the boats only left three times each day. Once at 8 am, once at 12pm, and once at 4pm, so we really couldn’t miss this boat ride. We woke up the next morning at 6:30 AM and went down around 7:00 AM. So we were waiting and waiting and the boat was nowhere to be found. Finally, we found someone and they tell us the boat departs on the OTHER SIDE of the island. So we start freaking out and just started running with our hiking bags and everything. We finally got there and we were good. Other people were leaving the island too and they somehow managed to fit every single person on this tiny little boat. I was sitting next to this 400 pound man and we were going top speed. At one point I just accepted I was going to die. We had no life vests and the dudes driving this boat were crazy. Ultimately we made it back to the airport then to Boston, and we only lost one person on the trip. (Just kidding.)


This trip was an awesome experience all around. You create a special bond while traveling with people. They see you at your grimiest point in life to moments in your life that are once in a life time that you will remember for the rest of your life. We stayed in hostels to save money and got to meet people who were staying in the same ones as us. Even though you need to sleep in the same area as strangers it really takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you meet people. The culture was also very different from the U.S. Everyone enjoyed dancing and having a good time at the clubs we went to, and everyone was pretty good at it as well. You didn’t have creepy guys just going up to girls from behind and dry humping them like you see at clubs in the U.S. You also didn’t see people acting too exclusive to hang out with certain people. We chilled with older people, younger people, CEO’s, you name it, and everyone was just trying to enjoy life. At one point the whole bar started singing ” Sweet Child O’ Mine” by the Guns and Roses and it was a great moment. Another thing was the focus on looks in their culture. I had never seen so many beautiful women in one place, and for some reason they loved white American guys. That sounds like a stereotype but its pretty true. I guess everyone wants something new or different so I would compare it to how American girls love guys with British accents. Not all American girls love British accents but a good amount do, the same way Colombian women love American guys, not all do but it is true to an extent. Another thing that was crazy was seeing all the wild dogs.


I had never seen a wild dog before and they were every where, but just like they are in the US, they’re super friendly anywhere you go. Every dog just wants to be loved at the end of the day and there are so many without homes. Help adopt a dog here. It was also crazy seeing wild horses and wild pigs and how much different the sun looks and feels in South America. You really need sunscreen at all points or you’ll end up looking like Larry the Lobster within an hour. We also knocked down coconuts and drank the milk which was pretty dope as well. Also people straight hustle out there. Kids would come up and start free-styling in Spanish, older guys would sell you anything from hats to shirts, women came up to us asking if we wanted a “massage”. Even when we went into the ocean some guy tried selling us a ride on a boogie board. You could not escape it. A group of guys asked us if we wanted to play soccer but we needed to buy the ball. The people here could sell water to a fish and it honestly inspired me and made me appreciate my situation in life, and not to take anything for granted. Colombia was great and I plan to go back again one day.

Just want to give photo credits to my friend Josh for taking the majority of these dope photos. Also thanks to my friends who planned out this trip and letting me come along. If you like this content please tweet me @jlindahl1, follow me on instagram @somedrunkwriter, share this post on facebook, and give my official blog facebook page a like and review. If you want to take a similar trip or have questions about my trip feel free to hit my DM and I’ll gladly answer. I’ll also be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thank you for reading!


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