Year In Review Part 3 (HOW I MET EMMIT SMITH!)

After graduating college I did a few more things throughout the year. One of the biggest things I did was work at the UP9, ( Ultimate Partnering Nine) which was the first real estate investment conference I had ever attended. I actually worked most of the event because my Uncle Dave, who’s considered one of the biggest real estate gurus in the world ran the event. He has written numerous books and courses, and even wrote a book on real estate back in the day with Donald Trump.Check it out here. It was a dope experience, I got to hear Emmit Smith (The greatest NFL running back of all time) give a speech about his life and success in real estate, and ended up getting to meet him, and got a photo in person. We actually exchanged phone numbers and text pretty much daily. Nah I’m just playing, He only likes taking calls. (He’s also alot shorter than I expected.) There were other great presenters as well, and the whole event was truly inspiring, and I learned a great amount. I also took a real estate class at Boston University during the summer right before this event, so it was basically real estate 24/7 this summer for you boy.


I met a ton of successful people at this event, and it was great for networking. I went out drinking with a kid who owns his own self storage company with his father. I also met this woman who is a chiropractor in LA, that told me she could introduce me to a couple big time writers she knows after I told her I was a writer. I met young entrepreneurs and investors as well, and ended up coming up with my own Under Thirty Investment Club. (I’ll give more details later.) And no, we don’t only talk about Bitcoin. I want no part of that bubble.  Just kidding, but that’s enough with finance talk. Everyone had to wear a badge with their name to show that they were a part of the event. Once people saw the name Lindahl on my badge they became my friend instantly. I hadn’t experienced this type of flattery since being checked out by Colombian woman. People were treating me like royalty, and I let that inflate my head for a good week month. The whole event was three days long, and the amount of info presented was crazy, but I definitely hope sometime down the line, maybe as soon as this year I’ll be doing something more towards what I saw at this event.  I want to help inspire people. Sometimes I wish I could physically shake  people, look them in the eye, and yell wake up the FUCK UP and start living. Life doesn’t have to be some shit hole after high school and college end. Now is the time to try new things and become who you actually want to be. I’ll let my boy Christopher McCandless sum it up best.

into the wild

After 22 Years I Finally Know What My Dad Does

When people would ask what my dad does for a living growing up, I never knew how to answer. I knew he did something with real estate but he wasn’t a broker, or anything like that. I finally got to see what he did when I attended one of his classes. He teaches the financing behind real estate deals. Many of the people at this event were taught by my dad and they LOVED him there. Guy was basically a celebrity, and he could barely escape the building when he went to get lunch because he was approached by so many people. I ended up attending his class in Philadelphia in September and it was great.

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Here’s me and two dudes I met in the class checking out a property.


Here’s a picture to show the hill I was standing on to prove I’m not that short. (I’m 6’1)

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And here’s a picture of the whole class. It was a dope experience and besides all that real estate talk, let me tell you one thing……………


Philadelphia reminded me of Boston, if Boston didn’t have this newly developing douchey Silicon Valley-like tech culture, pretentious Ivy leaguers , and Luxury apartment living dicks all around it. They have great historical landmarks like Boston, which was cool but honestly once you’ve seen one Liberty Bell you’ve seen them all. The bar/club scene was awesome. We went to this roof top bar that was directly located above another bar that played straight house music the whole time. There were a ton of kids from Temple everywhere we went and all around I was just getting solid vibes.Here’s a photo of my Dad, my friend Charlie and I tearing up the Philly nightlife.

My only complaint is if you take the wrong turn somewhere it gets SKETCHY AS FUCK. Like the type of sketchy where store owners have to put a CAGE around their store so it doesn’t get broken into. Kinda like this one.

cage for store

At one point I thought I was in the middle of this music video.

#FreeMeekMill btw. Its completely fucked what the judicial system is doing to him. If you haven’t heard yet a judge gave him a two year sentence from video of him violating his probation of leaving the state on charges from ten years ago. I guess its true when you want to rise in this world there’s always someone that wants to pull you right back down to where you started.

I Got a Full Time Job

It honestly took me forever to find a job. I applied to like a million places on indeed, monster, linked in, you name it. Even fucking CRAIGS LIST. I wanted to work in Boston and not have to move home SO BADLY but I ended up moving home after all. I interned or as I call it was a legal slave in the fall and spring of my senior year which was not fun. I applied to so many places so if you’ve recently graduated and are still having a tough time just remember you’re not alone. America has a big UNDERemployment problem right now. Underemployment is basically when you have great qualifications and should be working a job you’re more qualified for but there isn’t enough demand, so you end up working a job you’re way overqualified for. #Woke. This is main reason why our middle class is shrinking. So when you see the unemployment numbers looking good that the Fed releases, try looking deeper into the numbers. Well that’s enough political talk and that won’t happen again, so lets carry on. Working full time sucks but its cool having money. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d rather sleep on a Friday night than go out, but I’m just calling right now a transitional phase. My advice is to find other 22-25 year olds and just cry it out together at least once a month. I’ll talk more about the transition from college to the real world next Monday, but that’s Christmas, so maybe Wednesday. Well that was my year guys, hope you enjoyed reading about it. Also, I’m hiring an editor this week and I know my grammar sucks so for all you grammar Nazis out there, you are welcome.

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P.S. Its Friday baby and a three day weekend. Go treat yo-self and get hammed!


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  2. I have been in real estate since 1966. Most of it flipping properties in Texas, Louisiana, California, Arizona, and Nevada. I finally quit on December 31, 2016, because my body just couldn’t take earning all that sweat equity anymore.

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