The Day I Met Dave Portnoy (President of Barstool Sports)

It was a warm, late July afternoon in the summer of 2014, and I was at my cousin Jay’s annual Brownies Beer Die Open. I arrived with my father, and spotted my cousin Jon right away, the other half of Jonny squared, so that day we were a full Jonny squared. I shot the shit with Jonny raised to the power of 2 for a little bit, then I made my way to the keg. I had been reading Barstool since I was about 13 years old. I still remember the day my dad showed me the website and I thought it was hilarious. I was 19 at this time, and it the first time I could go to the Beer Die, and actually participate in the fun. El Pres had been going for years, and my cousin Mags has a classic video of the good old days at the beer die where El Pres makes an appearance.

Some classic stuff right there. This event every year to the South Shore was equivalent to New York City putting up the Christmas Tree every December. Anyone who was anyone was there. Ex high school all scholastic athletes went at it. Many beers were drank, and many kegs would go empty summer after summer.

I Finally Met Him

So I had just finished my freshmen year of college and was only 19, so I wasn’t completely chill with just drinking openly. I was trying to be discrete about it, and just wanted to lay low and enjoy the show. I’m also pretty shy and reserved in person (before I take a couple shots), plus this guy was an idol to me growing up. I also didn’t want to be that annoying kid that wouldn’t leave him alone because I’m sure he just wanted to chill and didn’t really give a fuck about some 19 year old college kid. But then, suddenly I see out of the corner of my eye, my dad, who’s a social butterfly talking to El Pres. He then yells over to me “Jonny!” and says to El Pres “This is my son, and he’s a huge fan of yours.”

It Got Super Awkward

So I was kind of star struck meeting him first of all, plus I had like one beer so I was basically dead sober, and the conversation sort of went like this if I remember correctly.

“So are you playing today?” – El Pres

” Nah, I’m only nineteen.” – Me

Oh, so they only let you enter the tournament if you’re twenty one? ” – El Pres

” Yea, I think so. ” – Me

Then he walked away and that was my conversation with El Pres. He was honestly super nice in person, and looked way younger than I thought he would. They say never meet your idols, or you’ll just end up disappointed, well El Pres is the exception to that rule, he’s actually the man.

I Made It On Barstool

The video somehow got deleted from the original blog but lucky for you I saved that shit. So here it is.

Absolute vicious hit. I remember this exact moment. I was looking at my phone and at the last second I looked up, and I see some bro get LAID THE FUCK OUT literally right next to die

That’s me circled in the red. (What are those shorts I’m wearing?) Handsome Hank recorded the entire event and I’m glad I got my 5 minutes of fame.

Times Changed

Barstool eventually got bigger, and bigger, and moved to New York. My cousin and his friends eventually got older, started having families, and the Beer Die ended last summer.

Just want to give a shoutout to my cousin Jay for being the man of the people and also for coaching me to three town league basketball championships, and somehow organizing this every summer, and allowing me to meet El Pres. This blog caps off one full month of blogging three times a week, so for those who have read, and keep reading, I say thank you. The first video I showed you from 2008 is crazy to look back on, and see how long El Pres has been grinding for. I still remember the days when they first started the Barstool Rundown with Big Cat and KFC through web cams. Man those were the days. Shoutout to all the OG stoolies who have been there since the beginning and got the witness the star of El Pres blossom into what he is today. Here’s one last throw back video and my favorite video barstool has ever put out.

So El Pres if you’re looking for a new blogger hit me up. If you like this content please tweet me @jlindahl1, follow me on instagram @somedrunkwriter, share this post on facebook, and comment on this blog. Also maybe throw me a bone and tag EL Pres on insta in my comment section. I’ll also be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thank you for reading!


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