(Attention Celtics Fans) Marcus and Markieff Morris are the Same Person

It was all good just a week ago on Christmas morning. I opened my presents. I didn’t give any because I’m broke and don’t think of others often, plus I’m saving for Coachella tickets so I can’t afford to be giving family members gifts. #priorities. The morning went well. I received some new swagger that I ended up wearing at a New Years party. When the afternoon arrived, I went over to my Grandmothers, which is the next town over. When I arrived, the Celtics were playing the Wizards. Two of the top teams in the East were going head to head, and also two of the top point guards in the league, Kyrie Irving and John Wall. There was one more matchup I was looking forward to, and that matchup was between two twins, Marcus and Markieff Morris. Marcus plays for the Celtics and Markieff plays for the Wizards, or so I thought so at the time.

Last year in the playoffs there was controversy that Marcus subbed in for his brother Markieff. At the time I thought there’s NO WAY that could happen, but each minute I watched this Christmas day game, my suspicions increased, and I’ll demonstrate why.

There was never a point in the game where each Morris brother was in at the same time. Take a look at this box score I screenshotted. Markieff played 29 minutes, while Marcus played 16. I’m no mathlete but 29 + 16 = 45. There are 48 minutes in one basketball game.

cenaTo prove my point even further the Morris brothers have the same exact tattoos. Something just seems a little fishy there.morris bros

They both went to the same college and also played for the Suns at the same exact time. The reason I’m writing this is because I believe in true American values, and that you should be paid for the amount of time for the work you put in, and Markieff/Marcus is clearly rigging the system, and its not right.

jr smith salary

JR Smith is making 13.7 million per year. He single handedly brought home a championship for Cleveland, and didn’t wear a shirt until the next season started. He put it all on the line and deserves every penny he earns meanwhile…..

“Marcus” is making 5 million, and “Markieff” is making 8 million. 5 + 8= 13. JR Smith is only making .7 million more dollars than Marcus/Markieff Morris and its a damn shame that the NBA is allowing this to happen. Somewhere I can see David Stern grinning on a private island while this whole thing is swept under the rug. As a Celtics fan I just hope this doesn’t cost us in the playoffs, if we somehow have to play the Wizards and all of a sudden “Marcus” can’t play because he decides he wants to be “Markieff that day.

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