If You Love Donnie Darko You’ll Love These Movies Too

I remember the first time I saw the movie “Donnie Darko” almost eight years ago when I was high as shit in my friends basement. (Scary Bunny and marijuana do not mix well) I was completely blown away by it. I love the weird, mysterious vibe through out the movie. It’s one of those movies you have to see twice and even after multiple times seeing it, you’ll still be saying to yourself ” What the fuck did I just watch?” Donnie Darko is about a high schooler named Donnie who has schizophrenia. He lives in a nearly too perfect of a town, and is sort of a social outcast, yet he is the voice of reason throughout the film. This movie has a lot of symbolism that I could write chapters on, and also gets scientific with its incorporation of wormholes, time travel, and the ten dimensions. This movie is also pretty dark at times. I would describe watching Donnie Darko as being similar to listening to a Pink Floyd album, never do both on mushrooms, a whole lot is happening right in front of you but you also need to read between the lions as well.Between the lionsThrowback Thursday am I right? Alright, well if you like Donnie Darko as much as me, I have a few other films I recommend watching, and I’ll give a brief description of each one without giving away key spoilers.

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet is the first movie I would recommend. David Lynch wrote and directed this film, and the way he directs it is pretty fascinating. The best way I would put it is kind of like when you’re dreaming and things happen out of the ordinary, lets say for example you start flying. You’re in dream land and some how it all makes sense, and you don’t question it, then you wake up and you think “wow I just flew in my dream, there’s no way that could happen.” This film is filmed like you’re in dreamland, things happen that might not make sense in our world, or add up quite perfectly, but for some reason it does make sense, and that’s how this is filmed, its filmed like you’re dreaming. Another thing I love about this movie is the use of light and darkness, and how it represents the main character Jeffrey’s internal battle within himself. I don’t want to give anything away but this movie has many of the same qualities that makes Donnie Darko great, and I could probably write an entire blog about it, but I’ll save that for a later date.

requiem for a DreamRequiem For A Dream

This is honestly  the darkest movie I’ve ever seen. I was pretty disturbed for about a week after watching it, and its hard to watch more than once. This movie is about the lives of three heroin addicts, and one of their mothers (who becomes addicted to weight loss pills/uppers). It takes place through four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, and graphically shows the harsh realities of drug abuse. This movie has the trippy feel that Donnie Darko does at times, when the perspective changes to each character, and makes you question what’s actually happening in the world, or if its all in that characters mind. I also love the cast. Jennifer Connelly is my number one woman crush Wednesday and if you know any single women out there that look or remind you of her, put in a good word.large_Jennifer_Connelly

Jared Leto is also in this movie, and him and Jennifer Connelly have a great, but tragic romance in this. That’s probably the only positive thing about this movie, the rest is dark AF.

The Butterfly EffectThe Butterfly Effect

So critics hated this movie but the audience loved it, and I honestly love it too. This movie is about the main character Evan who can go back in time and change key events that happened in his youth. After he does this, he goes back to his present day self and everything changes. It’s based off the theory that one flap of a butterfly’s wing can create a wind gust that eventually creates a tornado or hurricane on the other side of the world, basically meaning one small event can create a much bigger outcome. I recently re-watched this, aka watched it about an hour before writing this blog and there are apparently 4 different endings. I suggest watching the theatrical version because I watched the directors cut and I was beyond disappointed with the change, or the original version since it was the directors first version. Take this movie for what it is while watching, there will be some plot holes, and some shitty acting, but its a really cool concept that I think you will enjoy.


Memento is a psychological thriller that’s about the main character Leonard who suffers from short term memory loss, and is trying to solve his wife’s death. This movie starts from the end and goes backwards in time, and lets you see how each event played out, which will blow your mind. Christopher Nolan directed this movie and its actually based off a short story that his brother Jonathan wrote which is just a little fun fact I wanted to share because my name is also Jonathan. If you like Donnie Darko you’ll like Memento and it is available on Netflix.

Those are four really good movies that you will 100% enjoy if you liked Donnie Darko. Some other movies that I thought of putting down that didn’t make the cut were Mr.Nobody, The Truman Show, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. These movies are also great, and I highly recommend them. Well happy Friday everyone, I had my first ever work snow day yesterday, and my second ever today, so it has been a blessed week for me. #blessup

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8 thoughts on “If You Love Donnie Darko You’ll Love These Movies Too”

  1. Hey Jon, Namaste πŸ™‚

    Perfect choices of movies, all of which have been in the top ten of top ten movies at some point in my past. I also recall early life experiences watching films such as Star Wars, and Alien in the cinema when much younger and being blown away by the concept, design and delivery. Mesmerising is the world I would use. Set against today’s CG heavy films, they are not as slick in production, but what they lack in aesthetic they make up for in context, depth of story-telling, concept and design, and the extent of personal situations and contexts in which the characters are immersed. As you’ve included Blue Velvet, might you have seen Lost Highway as well?

    Thanks for following my Blog, your readership is greatly appreciated, thank you Jon.

    Happy New Year wherever you may be. I hope it is both successful and generous in providing all you need.

    Love and Peace. Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. No problem πŸ™‚ I think you will enjoy it…it utilises the ‘dream-state’ as its fundamental theme. Clever film πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy it.

        Love and Peace. Namaste πŸ™‚


  2. Great set of films!

    This is honestly the darkest movie I’ve ever seen. I was pretty disturbed for about a week after watching it, and its hard to watch more than once.

    The “ass to ass” scene is simultaneously the funniest and most disturbing scene I can think of, in any movie, ever.

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