ATTENTION: I Got Into My First Brawl! (On The Internet)

Last week I published a blog about Marcus/Markieff Morris being the same person. You can read it here: (Attention Celtics Fans) Marcus and Markieff Morris are the Same Person. I went into detective mode writing that blog post, and would be surprised if I didn’t win some investigative journalism award or some shit. I got a good amount of feed back. I definitely opened up the eyes of a lot of people, and presented cold hard facts that couldn’t be argued against. I also angered some, who just couldn’t believe what they were reading, a prime example of Cognitive Dissonance.cognitive-dissonance-vik-religion-1383952180

One man that I really got to was a gentleman named Topher. DE0ADDAE-E282-440B-B680-9DB21389E071




That comment is what is commonly called “The kill shot”. Topher then left me a one star review bringing down my previous 5 star rating.5DF79AF2-F9F2-49B0-AC30-678A36D053CE

I guess you can’t please everyone these days. My only hope is that I planted a seed in Topher’s mind, and one day that seed will grow into a tree full of beliefs that are different than his own. eminem

I thought my first fight on the internet was over, but I was wrong. As soon as I dropped the gloves and got too comfortable, I got blindside hit by a gentleman named Nick. Once Topher was done for, he tagged out, and his buddy Nick jumped into the ring.0A8A7D03-919F-451B-81F2-A30E9EA46D89


Another kill shot. Nick had no comeback for this one. I finally thought this internet royal rumble was over until a gentleman named Kaleb came in. They say death comes in threes, so once again I had to hit em with another kill shot.


And that’s how my first internet brawl ended. I took down three guys and never backed down from any of them. #neverbackdown never back down son

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