Its Friday Baby! (And a Three Day Weekend!)

Alright so just wanted to give an update on the blog. If you follow me on social media I showed a little sneak peak of some potential merch. I didn’t just want my merch to be some shitty Hanes T shirt with my logo glued to it. I wouldn’t do that to my readers, so I did my research. After a few hours on Reddit, and reviewing different suppliers, I thought I found the perfect fit for a supplier that would customize my merchandise. I ordered a few samples, and I was beyond impressed with what I got. If you don’t follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, here are some pictures I posted.

So expect in a week or two to see my online merchandise store to be up and running. Shirts and hoodies will come in all sizes from small to double xl. xxl

Phone cases will only be available for iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 versions, because I don’t want my brand logo to give people motion sickness when android users post a snap chat. There may, or may not be a couple additional items as well. Maybe a coffee mug? Maybe some clout goggles? Who knows? Also if you’re an aspiring model or have some sort of Instagram presence, and wanna rock some merch for a photoshoot hmu for some cash money. Sorry for the short blog this week. This was my first full week of work (I do have a day job) in what feels like three months, after all the holidays and snow days that we’ve had the last few weeks. Also the $50 giveaway is still going on, and the winner will be announced in exactly one week. Three more people got added to the drawing and all they did was tag three friends in the comment section of my Instagram post, shared a blog post of mine on Facebook, and gave my Facebook page a like and solid review. That could be you with $50, remember that.Uncle-Sam

Shoutout to Martin Luther King Jr, happy Friday, and enjoy your three day weekend. I found out like two days ago that it was a three day weekend, so shoutout to holidays you forget about, and I just want to personally apologize to Martin Luther King Jr for forgetting about his day. I’m sure there will be some Boston bar crawl run by some scummy promotion company this weekend. Free cover before 9pm and one free drink at any bar in Fanuel hall for only $30? Sign me up! Not. Fuck promoters. Oh wait looks like I have to wait two more weeks. Onesie

I sound a little bit salty so you know what? Maybe I’ll buy that onesie and participate in this bar crawl. I haven’t worn a onesie since I was about 5 years old, and have never been to one of these bar crawls, but every time I would walk by an event like this, every one looked like they were having a blast standing in line. You wanna know what happens at these bar crawls? Everyone only goes to one of the eight bars, whichever is the most lit, so the other seven are completely empty. Then there’s just a line of people freezing their ass off in their onesie, while the cold chill of the Boston wind tunnels make them question their very own existence in life, but at least they got that insta pic of that fake smile in their onesie, and got to snap chat themselves pretending they are having fun. As long as your life looks fun on social media, you don’t actually need to have fun in real life.

.thinking-face emoji

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P.S. Shoutout to my sister Shannon for designing the brand logo. I told her what I wanted and its like she went inside my mind and designed exactly what I had envisioned. She’s a god damn genius but does attend my rival school Emerson. Fuck Emerson.

Double P.S.


This brought back the feels. God I love me some Ansel Elgort.


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