Watching My Old Vines! (Cringe Alert!)

I’ve told a lot of my good stories. This is now week seven of blogging three times a week, and its been tough. I busted out content like it was a nut my day job. I hit a point where I couldn’t think of any stories worth sharing, so I started drinking a Monster energy drink and bam! Just like that, I thought of some content to write about. As Ernest Hemingway once said, “Write Drunk, Edit Sober” and in this case, drink an energy drink and edit when your caffeine high ends. I used to make vines back in the day. I never got the recognition I think I deserved, so I decided to share some of my best, and most cringe vines.

That kid always thinking about the strip club


This was the title of this vine. Pretty solid stuff. Everyone knows that one kid who likes the strip club a little too much. I was 19 when I made this vine, and had never been to a strip club, but looking back now I definitely know a few kids exactly like this. I guess I just let my intuition back then create this vine.

I love party’s #yolo


Another relatable vine, fucking Sophie man.

IG: @codyko #remake

This was a remake of a Cody Ko Vine. He was my favorite comedian on Vine and I still actively watch his YouTube channel and listen to his podcast. One would call me the Cody Ko of the blog world. (No one calls me that). Cody please hire me as your intern if you somehow stumble upon this.


Alright here’s the first sorta cringe vine. A good thought process. Everyone loves the song “Hey Ma” by Cam’ron ft. Juelz Santana. Honestly, my favorite rap verse of all time might be Juelz’s in the beginning. I probably should have used louder speakers, but I clearly demonstrate the two characters interacting, me in a polo hat, and me just looking tan AF.


This vine didn’t even have a title. You can’t even hear the commercial, but I thought this was a solid vine. This dude should not have been taking Risperdal, so fuck big Pharma for giving him female breasts. Yea, I just referred to myself as a character, and in third person. This vine is too cringe not to.


You’re probably wondering what the fuck is happening here. These two vines were recorded at like 6:30 am of the after party of my senior prom. I slept for like one hour inside on a couch, heard people still up, so I went to the party still happening out back, and it was the best party I had ever been to. Almost everyone who went to senior prom went here for the after party, and a good amount “slept” over. We stayed up the whole night, and listened to slipknot at 6am, and were just being straight savage Rockland kids, as you can see in these two vines. Shit went down in that backyard. It was basically Lord of the Flies back there. Man I miss these days.

These vines were taken on my last day of high school. The seniors got out about a month earlier than everyone, so we all drove around town, and celebrated in the parking lot of my high school. I’m glad I got to capture these moments because these were some of the best days of my life.


This was actually just apple juice but for some reason I thought it’d be funny to tell everyone it was tequila. Nothing like publicizing alcoholism. It kind of sounds like I’m saying “This was for Kayla.” So Kayla, if you’re single hmu. This vine was for you.

Get that dirt off your shoulder

Sometimes you gotta get that dirt off your shoulder. Look at that gentle touch. #Finesse

There were a lot of other vines that I had, that were great as well, but I didn’t want to embarrass too many people without their consent, since these are from so long ago. I’m glad vine rose to its peak when I was a senior in high school. I’ve mentioned before in this post how this was the best year of my life, and I’m glad I can watch these memories that I saved.  Re-watching these videos made me realize how many people I haven’t seen in years, and friends who I slowly grew apart from, because of life in general, and just growing up. I guess its inevitable. It’s my five year reunion of graduating high school this year, and our class president said we don’t have the funds to have a reunion, but I say lets all just pick a day and grab some beers at Players, or even the freaking Banner. Fuck it, I’ll even have a fire in my backyard for old times sake. We can play pool volleyball, play corn hole(shoutout to my cornhole partner Totte). Maybe we can hit Anita Maries in the morning after too. You know what? I’m gonna make this happen. Class of 2013, I’m stepping up to the plate, so look for that Facebook invite, because its going down one last time in my backyard, Summer 2018. Maybe I’ll sell some merch at this pool party and donate the profits made that day to our class fund. Its not easy being such a humanitarian.

Here’s the last vine of my dog Jenna just rolling around in my backyard, with one of my best friends singing the Shawn Michael’s intro song. My dog passed away a couple years ago so its cool for me to watch this. Wow, so I thought this was just going to be a cringe ass blog, but I honestly got pretty sentimental watching these. You can see the rest of my vines here. I also have a guest blogger who will be posting on either Wednesday or Friday this week. Her IG is @spiltcoffeeblog if you wanna check her out before hand. She’s a dope writer who I felt was a great fit for this blog. Also if you want any merch before I post it on my online store (which should be up and running this week), just DM me on Instagram and I’ll get what you want. Just tell me your size if you want a shirt, or hoodie, or tell me what type of phone you have if you want a phone case, there’s also coffee mugs too, and if you have personal requests like this….funny comment

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