Can you take the shitshow out of the girl?

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Introduction: The title is pretty self-explanatory…

Quite recently, I went full throttle on a night out on the town. Some might say I was just having fun, loosening up. Others might say, I should have grown out of this by now. Let me tell you what I say.

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First off, when friends and I experience nights like this, I refer to them as “college nights.”No explanation is needed. You get it… or at least I hope you get it.

388988_4604658390621_1256550919_n.jpgSecondly, yes, I should have grown out of it by now. And I have! (Insert ego boost) Instead of being shithoused 3 nights out of the week like I did in college, I might get shithoused 1x every other month. Talk about improvement! This recent college night though got me thinking a little bit.

I am not the only girl, who at almost 30, still experiences those “college nights.” Though, I might be the only one who still eats an entire pizza when she gets home at 2am. This leads me to a serious, thought-provoking question, does the shitshow really ever leave the girl?

So here are some things that at my age, we should have, in theory, grown out of. But… let’s be real, we don’t. I’ll preface that this list may or may not be personally about me. I’ll let you be the judge as to which ones still happen to me on a regular basis.

  • Partaking in the walk of shame but this time it’s in your bridesmaid dress.
  • Getting blackout (this is a given on the list) but it still happens.
  • Passing out at a bar. Don’t you look away, acting like this isn’t about you.
  • Breaking up with your boyfriend and forgetting about it the next morning, totally acting normal, talking about food.
  • Online shopping and not remembering you hit submit on your order. But boy, getting stuff in the mail is almost like Christmas Day, so I salute you.
  • Treating Thursday like a weekend. Who can forget Thursdays were the best nights to go out and they still are as you get older.
  • Crying for no reason. What I do now though is write in my notes about why I’m crying. Reading these the next day brings me so much laughter and joy.
  • What used to be penny beer night and power hour is now called “Sangria Sunday”. But now, you end up throwing up 18 hours later at work. Which brings me to my next bullet…
  • Hangovers – Those damn things are the devil. We still get them, and they are much, much worse. It will happen to you. Just wait.
  • We no longer funnel out of beer bongs. Hello, we’re adults. We’re classyAF and use glass champbongs.
  • And last but not least, my favorite, late night eating. it still happens. What I’ve learned to love about myself is that I’ll be thinking of my late night meal immediately after finishing dinner. Most the time it’s pizza with tons of ranch, but hibachi food sneaks in there occasionally.


After reflecting on my life, and seriously considering a trip to AA, I came to the conclusion. You can take the girl out of the shit show, but no matter how mature (read: old) you get, you’ll never be able to take the shit show out of the girl.


Until my next hangover and drunk words of wisdom… cheers!

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