MERCH IS HERE and $50 Winner Announced

Merch is officially here baby. I’ve been throwing some sneak peaks on Instagram/Snapchat and finally put in an order with a supplier, and set up a shopify account. Also like the humanitarian I am, I got you on not one, but two discount codes.

Click here to buy new merch. There’s also a new Icon in the top right corner, next to the twitter bird. Click that to get to my store as well. Use discount code Newcustomer to save 20% on your entire order at checkout. You just need a minimum order of $50 for it to be applied. Just team up with a friend and each order a t-shirt together, or have your friend order a t-shirt, and you order a hoodie, and maybe a mug? I don’t know what the kids want these days. The second discount code is 5dollarsoff  to save $5 on a T-shirt, with no minimum order. Each code is active until January 30th. The phone cases I ordered from the supplier I’m working with came out wrong, which I was really upset about, so unfortunately its going to take a little longer to get a phone case. Also if you don’t have a job and can’t afford to buy my merch, just wait for your dad to get way too hammered during the Patriots this Sunday, wait for him to pass out, and use his Debit card while he’s still sleeping. It’s pretty simple.

I would highly recommend the hoodie though. If you want to be as content/happy as me in this Instagram post, order one. Also the logo is above the front pocket, so this version looks way more clean than what’s pictured. I realized the first time I ordered, that I fucked up putting the logo there, but this was the only sunny day I had off, so I needed to take a picture that day with my sisters bunny named Moon. That’s the bunny’s name not my sister’s. I’ll upload better photos of the merch soon, so its not just a mirror picture of me, but for now that’s what we gotta work with. Just remember when you’re laying in bed at night, all alone, and “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper keeps replaying your head, you’re going to want a friend, and that friend that you need could be a hoodie, with a cartoon image of myself wearing clout goggles. Just remember that.


Shoutout to Meghan for Wednesdays guest blog. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @spiltcoffeeblog and check out her personal blog She absolutely killed it this week, and if you haven’t read her blog, you can read it here. My favorite line had to be “Partaking in the walk of shame but this time it’s in your bridesmaid dress.” I’ve never been someone’s bridesmaid, so I couldn’t personally relate to this, but I thought it was hilarious, and really sums up life after college.

Winner of $50

Shout out to everyone who participated in this giveaway, and  for giving this blog a little more exposure to the public. Only six people actually were eligible, so your chances of winning were pretty good. I’ll be having another giveaway in the future, maybe with less rules this time and more money to give, so more people will actually enter into the drawing. So keep on the lookout for a future giveaway. I know how much you love free stuff. I wrote all the names on a piece of paper and picked the lucky winner out of a cup. And the winner is……




Jordan!!!!!! @horsepower23. Congrats on the $50, I hope you spend it wisely.

Have a Great Weekend!

I’ve been sick this whole week, which gave me enough time to finish “The End of the Fucking World” and also season two of “Stranger Things” (about damn time). Both were fantastic, and maybe I’ll write a blog about them next week. It’s Friday, so I hope you all have a blessed weekend.

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