What’s in the Middle of Left and Right?

Bill Maher came back from his annual vacation in Hawaii, where he gets stoned and enjoys the beach with his good friends like Woody Harrelson….

Bill Maher

and I thought the show was great this week. Today’s day and age, we have a lot of political coverage, but there’s something missing that I think Bill Maher always brings, and its called THE OTHER SIDE.


tomi lahren

That’s Hasan Piker, and Tomi Lauren. They’re both political commentators who seem to resonate with young people today. You also may have seen these faces once or twice.Trevor Noah

paul watson

Trevor Noah and Paul Watson, who are also political commentators. Depending on your political views, you probably would rather watch Tomi over Hasan, or Hasan over Tomi. The same goes for Trevor or Paul. The problem is, people these days are watching just ONE of the sides, and ignoring the other. It’s easier to listen to someone who you agree with. You get a sense of approval. The hard part is listening to what you don’t always agree with. It might make you mad, but more importantly, it might make you THINK. We tend to label everything. Maybe it’s just human nature. If you’re a conservative, and you see a liberal, you may just label them as a cry baby hippy, who doesn’t want to work, and just wants to live off the government. If you’re a liberal, and see a conservative, you might label them as an uneducated racist, who doesn’t want America to progress forward.

When I see tweets like these from people like Shaun King, who have a massive following, it angers me. Plus a Game Of Thrones quote? Come on man. There’s nothing wrong with having strong opinions, but with a two party system, we are supposed to have BALANCE. By having conversation, and trying to understand one another, is how we come together. We can’t label Democrats as “Sell Outs” if they come to a compromise with Republicans. You might not get exactly what you want, and the other side might not get exactly what they want, but that’s what a compromise is.

half ounce

This half ounce of weed might not be a whole ounce of weed, but its better than no weed at all, and just think of all the pot brownies you could make with…never mind. Am I starting to make sense?

If you’ve never seen Bill Maher, the show goes like this: He starts with a funny opening monologue, then he interviews someone who’s been making recent headlines, then he has an open discussion with a panel of either two or three other people. He brings up current events, and issues happening in the world. He usually always has a republican and democrat in his panel. It creates great debates, where you see where both sides are coming from. I just see so much content these days where there isn’t even a discussion. There will be a liberal host, who brings on one conservative, with a panel of three other liberals and the conservative gets destroyed, with corny puns, no actual debate, just banter, and the audience goes wild. The same thing happens vice versa. It seems that headlines and quotes have more value than debate and discussion these days, and its pretty sad.

I Got Into Another Fight On the Internet


This tweet was a JOKE. I thought it was pretty funny, but like Bill Maher said “The Nothing is Funny People” had to ruin it.


“Zeph” had to come in and crash the party. I like to use twitter to joke around, and I didn’t want to get into this stupid “He said, She said” on twitter, so I just blocked her. She’s also notorious for just going on these rants on social media, where she is always some sort of victim in every situation, some that don’t even apply to her.victim

I wanted no part in this. The fun police came knocking on my door. I asked “Do you have a warrant?” They said no, so I didn’t let them in. I haven’t spoken to “Zeph” in probably ten years, maybe even more, and was surprised she even still followed me. I proceeded to get roasted by all her friends, and the worst part is, she wouldn’t even allow me to defend myself.


I don’t know exactly how Facebook works but, she somehow made it so I couldn’t see her post, and wouldn’t allow me to comment on it. You might say “Well you shouldn’t have blocked her on twitter then.” First of all, I started none of this. She commented on my tweet, then proceeded to take it to Facebook, while I was just sitting at home not thinking about “Zeph” like I hadn’t thought about her since……EVER. 2018 is no bad vibes season my family, so I hit her with a block. I wanted no part of this Zeph drama.

randy jackson

I had no leverage in this situation. It was her word vs mine from 15 years ago. So I posted this tweet.A68AB55B-94AC-4437-8C91-AB239D4DBC27

Luckily, one of my best friends had my back, and he had to fight off these keyboard warriors all day long, while I just sat at home, while sick, and thought “Who the fuck is Zeph?” Obviously bullying is not OK, but if I was held accountable for every thing I said from 8 to 10 years old, obviously some dumb things would come out, that I wouldn’t be proud of, and I’m sure the same would be applied to you as well. Hey Zeph, little kids are dicks, but luckily, as we grow older, we become more educated, and less ignorant. I thought this tweet summed up this situation best.


Shout out to Finchy and Horse. By the way, I fucking love Star Wars. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are my shit. As I mentioned before, I grew a pony tail to look like Obi Wan Kenobi in second grade. My friends and I would sit around at lunch every day and try to read Lord of the Rings in 5th grade. We didn’t just watch the movies, we tried reading the fucking books. I didn’t even play football growing up. I played soccer and basketball. This whole thing was just so ridiculous.

So next time you’re at that family party (Easter, unless you’re jewish?) with your racist drunk uncle, or your younger cousin who just left their safe space in college, and they start talking politics, don’t get mad right away. Hear them out. There’s a reason why everyone feels a certain way, and the more discussion we have, the better off we will be. And can we please be able to laugh at things again. This is a comedy blog. I’m blogging under the name Jon Yolo. Hate to break it to you but Yolo isn’t actually my last name. This blog is called Somedrunkblogger. So smoke a doobie, drink a glass of wine, and please, loosen up a bit. That’s all I ask. And Zeph, next time, just message me privately. If what I said at 8 years old was so damaging, I’ll gladly talk one on one, and help you get over this trauma, that is clearly still affecting you. We can get through this together. Just don’t chain me up and throw me to the dogs, and throw away the key at the same time. Allow me to at least ATTEMPT to plea my case for my 8 year old self. One more thing. Could you please stop bullying me? You would think a server at “The Friendly Toast” would be more friendly. This blog has been gaining more clout points recently and I found it a wee bit suspicious, that now she would have to bring this up at this exact time. I guess when you try to make something of yourself in this world, there will be someone always trying to to bring you back down to where you started. So Zeph, start doing you, I’m trying to make something of myself, and please, would the next challenger that comes at me have more clout?

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Double P.S. Zeph you brought it to twitter, then to Facebook. Well I one-upped you and brought it to the world of blogging, and the bad boy of blogging never backs down. You might think you won the first battle, but I will win this war.


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