I Caved…………

After months of dismissing it, after months of making fun of the others, after months of walking with my chest out like a 17 year old starting high school quarterback, I finally caved in, and bought my first share of Bitcoin. I called it a bubble that was going to burst. I trusted Warren Buffet when he said he wasn’t going to touch it. I denounced it time after time, saying it isn’t tied to anything, so how does it have any value? My finance professors all of last year didn’t believe, and I didn’t either. Every one has been talking about it. I mocked those as I walked through the door, making sure everyone who crossed my path knew I majored in finance, with a concentration in investments. I would confuse people when I talked about supply and demand, to show my superior knowledge. I would rant and rave about how I took a class on game theory, derivatives, futures, options, and portfolio management. They all looked at me like a glowing candle, encompassing the room. I would hear the whispers around me. “He went to Suffolk.” “Isn’t it Ivy league?” ” “Matt Damon took Law classes there in the Departed.” The stock market was what I knew. I knew that when the economy is bullish, buy tech all day, and that’s what I did, and it worked.


The articles kept coming and I kept reading. Slowly but surely I started to believe in cryptocurrency, and it seems it’s here to stay.

Tai Lopez

I knew if Tai Lopez was making videos about it, it had to be legit. He reads a book a day. He’s probably read more books on cryptocurrency than have been published on cryptocurrency. He probably needed to write his own book on cryptocurrency, just so he could read more about cryptocurrency.


I was going to make a joke that Tai Lopez has read more books than he’s had sex, until I realized I was just talking about myself, and sadly, I haven’t read that many books in my life, two to be exact, and they were special books. Very special books.

roll the dice

Time To Roll The Dice

It’s official. I’m going all in on crypto. The next time you see me I’ll either be 25 with a Lamborghini, or 25 with no money, either way I’ll be………………………………..25. In the meantime please buy my mechandise. Clout Goggles will hopefully be here this week. The next four people who order something, get a free phone case, and every one always needs an extra phone case, especially if you are on aux duty at a party. Drunk you will take off the case so the aux connection is better, and your phone case will be lost. When you wake up the next day hungover, without your original phone case, you’ll be thanking yourself you have a spare case, and if you walk around without a case, you know at that next party, that phone will be dropped when you go to take some drunk selfies. So buy a t-shirt, get a free phone case, and you will have nothing to worry about.



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