The Night I Escaped Getting Mugged

Story Time

Written on 1/26/2017

“I’ll take another one” I said to the bartender as I handed her my last ten dollars of the night. As I sucked it down, the atmosphere of the bar was dying,  and I knew it was time to leave.

“Where are my friends?” I yelled aloud to the strangers in the crowd, as I thought about how much an Uber back alone would cost. I reached into my pocket to pull out my phone, and realized it had died. The street lights were glistening, as I walked down the sidewalk trying to hail a cab.                                                                                                   

“Taxi!” I called out. One by one, the cabs were either already full, or had some bias against obnoxiously drunk college kids. I had never walked back from Julep before, but I knew the general way to go. I headed down Raynham Street, then Fischer Road, and all of a sudden I saw Tremont Street with it glowing CVS sign.                                                       

  “What a relief” I thought to myself, as I took the shortcut on Exchange ave. My eyes were fixated on the glowing red letters of the C, the V, and the S, when suddenly a strange goose-bump-like pressure crept up my neck towards the back of my head, and through the peripherals of my vision, two dark figures slipped from the shadows of the night, as one stood on my right side, and the other on my left.

“ Whats up boss?” said the dark shadow to my left.                                                                     

“ Just getting back from the bar. About to head to bed. haha.” I replied back.                       

“ We’re coming back from there too. What are the chances?” the dark figure responded. And I suddenly felt like a ship out at sea in the middle of a storm, as two dark figures were the captains and I, the ship, progressed forward, yet having no control over where I was going.                                                                                                                                             

 “ You got any cash on you. See we’re trying to get some alcohol before the store stops selling.” said the dark figure to the left in a friendly yet condescending tone.                       

“ Yea you got any cash?….Homie.” said the dark figure to the right in a deep raspy voice. I turned to say something, and for the first time, I looked him in the eyes, which appeared to have no soul. I reached to my pocket to find my wallet, and as I opened up the empty pouch, I knew my fate had been sealed. They were going to beat the shit out of me, and potentially kill me. Then suddenly this feeling came over me, and I felt my internal self screaming.                                                                                                                                               

“ You gotta fucking do something!” and that’s when an idea popped into my head. “ I’ve got tons of boos back at my apartment, and my bank’s ATM is right up Tremont Street. So I can hit it then buy some more on the way there.”

Somehow what I had said worked, and we started walking on Tremont Street which was a main street, which hopefully would lead to more witnesses, just in case. The night was dead though, and I kept praying a cop would drive by. All was going well, until a group of fifteen to twenty men were standing on the streets, and the figure to my left recognized them.                                                                                                                                                       

 “ Yoooooooo Ricky whats good?”                                                                                                      

“ Whats good blood?” Ricky responded back. He looked at me confused and suspiciously. He asked.                                                                                                                         

  “ Whos this white boy? ”                                                                                                                   

“ Oh he’s about to have us at his crib. He’s got alcohol there. Ya’ll are coming” The two dark figures started mingling more with the crowd, and I knew this was my chance. I couldn’t sprint because of my dress shoes being too slippery, so I started power walking with strides as long as a yard stick. My adrenaline pumped throughout my body. I didn’t look back until I finally made it back to my dorm room building. I had escaped, and hopefully I never would have to see those guys again.

What Happened Next

I wrote this in my fiction writing workshop as a writing exercise. I refer to the two men who were going to mug me as “Dark Shadows or Dark Figures” as a literary tactic to represent darkness where myself, as the main character has no escape, Like Frodo in Shelob’s layer.Frodo

It has nothing to do with race. Just wanted to clear that up. This did happen to me in real life, and was a pretty frightening experience. Moments like these make me appreciate growing up in Rockland, and having to deal with all types of people, and weird sketchy situations like this. Shout out to having street smarts, and basically living at the courts growing up. I ended up seeing one of the guys who tried mugging me the next day, when I went to hemp fest. I was chilling with this kid who had a lot of street credit, that this girl who I’m friends with, who lived on my dorm room floor was dating at the time. He was actually a really good kid, but was just a product of his environment, damaged by the system. Anyways, the kid who tried mugging me saw me with the kid who I’ll call “Frank”.  He pulled Frank aside and asked about me. Frank said I was chill, and put in a good word for me. I never saw the guy who tried mugging me again, but shout out to “Frank” for saving me from potentially  getting murdered in the future. This was just a writing exercise so I didn’t put in my best effort,  but if you do like my serious writing, checkout a short story I wrote here. Its kind of similar to Fight Club I guess, so if you like that movie you will probably enjoy my short story called “Sunshine at Midnight.” I was also really into Franz Kafka while writing this so if you like him, I hope you’ll like my fiction writing as well. My writing is also influenced by all these movies too, especially Blue Velvet. I like using this blog as platform, and its fun being able to joke around and make people laugh, but I would one day like to publish a book of short stories, or a novel. That’s the dream baby.


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