Favorite Interviews/Freestyles Compilation

Mac Miller was on acid during this video I’m pretty sure, and I think it’s hilarious. Just so random.


This video shows how cooked Pusha T and Kanye are. Pusha T has to be on Coke and Kanye just looks straight nuts throughout. They both kill it though.

Meek Mill absolutely kills this freestyle and Rick Ross is the ultimate hype man.

This is prime Riff Raff and just straight hilarious. Sways trying his hardest to feel it but I was feeling it the whole time honestly.

I have no idea where this video was shot but checkout the dude in the black shirt and shades behind the freestyler dressed in camo. Is he dead? Just no emotion. Also at 3:33 some random bro just throws the thumbs up. Completely different video watching when you’re stoned I might add.

Dare was a star in bloom but K Hood held his own.

Had to end it my boy Murda Mook vs Serious Jones. Murda Mook is the GOAT battle rapper. Would love to seem him go against Eminem in Eight Mile.


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