I’m Officially 23

I turned 23 yesterday, and I actually feel pretty good. It’s the last year of my early twenties, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job of transitioning. I pretty much just lived life like I would be young forever the first 22 years of my life, and then one day I woke up and thought “Fuck I’m an adult.” I got offered a new job on Friday, that’s actually in my field of study (Finance), which was the day after I absolutely killed my interview on Thursday. The company’s human resource employee that found me said that he got awesome feedback from the two employees who interviewed me about something I said about personal development. I had the least experience out of all the applicants, but I guess I just absolutely killed it.  I was born with a clutch gene. I don’t know what it is, but when the pressure is on, I can just turn on a switch. I think it all comes back to my 8th grade town league championship , when my team was down three points with twenty seconds left, and I just pulled up and knocked down a three to tie it up. ( We ended up losing, but still.) It may also go back to my courts days, where I was a Rockland court’s legend with my street ball ability. #RIPCourts. Enough with the humble bragging, but I think 23 is looking good. 22 was just a whole lot of rejection, from women, to jobs, to the Patriots losing, to life in general. 22 is just a weird ass year. You need to find a job, your classes become hard af, meanwhile you realize it’s the last year of your extended youth. Extended adolescence, look it up. I tried my hardest to set myself up to not be in a shitty position coming out of college, but that shit is inevitable. I interned my whole senior year, applied to like a million jobs, tried my hardest not to move home, but guess what happened, nothing. I couldn’t find a finance job in Boston, my lease in the North End ended in August, and I moved back home to Rockland. I ended up going through a temp agency, which I highly recommend if you’re struggling finding a job, and got a customer service type of role at an insurance company with basically zero benefits as my first full time job.

Image result for david ferry poetFree Time

The last four years I lived with roommates/my friends and was basically hungover, drunk, studying, or studying while drunk/hungover. When I moved home it was totally opposite. There’s basically nothing to do in Rockland, so I have a shit ton of free time, outside of work. As I mentioned before, during my senior year I went through this weird quarter life crisis and kind of realized who I wanted to be in life, and what type of life I wanted to live. I wanted to live a life of purpose, while being genuine, and most importantly, being myself, and being around others who shared these qualities. You are who you surround yourself with, always remember that. I took an intro to creative writing class in the fall, and a fiction writing workshop class in the spring. Both were dope, and made me a way better writer. I also took another class taught by David Ferry.(Look him up) I was considering what my next move would be. Should I get my MFA? Should I go back and get a second bachelors in English? Should I learn how to code? I submitted one of my short stories to a few literary magazines in the summer and they all got REJECTED. In my fiction writing class we had Paul Tremblay come in and talk about his career and the writing industry. The one thing I remember him saying is that your presence really matters in terms of getting signed, or seriously considered in the world of writing.

So I slowly started following other aspiring writers on Instagram and some followed me back, but I started to realize something, no one was really reading my short story’s. I had to put my pride aside. Writing is my talent, along with draining threes, so I started a blog. I wanted to write quality pieces over quantity, so I thought three blogs a week is reasonable. Plus, that’s how often David Dobrik posts his vlogs. I actually do enjoy writing blogs more than I thought I would, and nothing feels better than someone telling you they love your writing. I’ve connected with some really great writers, and have been featured on a few popular pages, so blogging is looking up for me.

Durte Dom (Part of David Dobrik’s vlog squad)

Legion Hoops


And Again





As I mentioned before I studied finance and concentrated in investing. The only problem is you need actual money in order to invest, which I didn’t have, so I started saving. I do find the stock market interesting, and I think investing should be taught more to young kids. I had a mock portfolio set up last year through this app that gives you $100,000 pretend money. I started it in September and after 6 months I had a 50% return, so I basically would have made $50,000 if I had $100,000 to invest in real life. A good return is usually between 8-12% so 50% is pretty impressive #humblebrag. They say investing is more of an art than a science, and your boy is clearly an artist. It was also a bullish economy and I mostly just invested in Tech stocks, so that played a  big part, but these were all long term holds. I wasn’t day trading so in real life my returns wouldn’t be eaten up with fees. Ok that’s enough finance talk, but I recently made a big investment with my own money, so your boy is officially adulting. My new job that I’m starting has actual benefits, and I’ll have a 401k.(That sounded really weird writing.)

Next Steps

I’m going to continue this blog, and hope it keeps gaining more and more clout points. I also will continue to invest heavy, and hopefully two years from now it pays off. Now that I have a great full time job at a company I can grow with, I can move out again, and hopefully get laid again. What’s it like bringing someone back from the club to your parents house? I hope I never find out. I guess if it did happen I could show off my town league trophies, and my Lord of the Rings action figures. I also want to transition to video in the future. I always kind of wanted to do YouTube skits, or anything YouTube related, so if I can save up for a good camera and some good editing software, that will really add to the Somedrunkblogger brand. I also closed down the shopify store. It wasn’t worth it to keep it open atm and my two week free trial ended, but once I get a bigger audience I’ll  bring it back. If you want any merch, you can just venmo me and I’ll send it over to you, just hit my DM with your shipping address. Also with this free time I think I’m going to take some saxophone lessons. I played until high school, and was the only saxophone player in elementary school so I basically got private lessons all through out elementary school, so your boy is kind of nice on the sax. I think I’m going to explore music a bit more with my free time. I enjoy singing and would like others to enjoy it to, so maybe a singing lesson would help out. I also realized my favorite songs all are played on the piano, plus the piano has the same note structure as the saxophone I’m pretty sure, so that would be dope to learn, and hopefully an easy transition from the saxophone, but where do I find a piano? Do I go to someone’s house and rent their piano? Where the fuck do you even fit a piano in a house? Another thing is I need to read more, and write more. I need some Kafka and the beat writers in my life. I also need more Charles Bukowski. I’ve never related to a book more than Ham on Rye and I definitely need to read more of his stuff. Also I need to read current day writers. I can’t be reading only classic literature if I want to be ahead of the game. I just have a hard time finishing things because that sadness of something ending really gets to me. Whenever I finish a show, I get really depressed knowing I won’t see these characters again. Maybe that just shows I connect better with fictional characters more than people in real life. Wow that was dark, but that’s 23 for you, and this is a perfect segue to a poem I wrote.

The Greeting was not Meant for Me

As I gazed upon the darkness
With the lighting of the stars,
The people sat in silence
Oblivious of the cars.

And so I walked down my door steps
Feeling quite alone,
The boys and girls were holding hands
And I, holding my phone.

“How are you?” I heard from afar
And so I turned with glee,
But in that moment I was a fool
The greeting was not meant for me,

The horns brass will tarnish
The clay pottery will melt,
The drums batter will tear in two
And the emptiness is felt

The big screen is deceiving
Characters perceived as friends,
And when the credits roll out
The short term connection ends.

The coldest hour of the night
Keeps me stiff as a tree
And as I loosen I remember
The greeting, was not meant for me

I also want to continue to connect with people. I read somewhere that Paris was the place to be as an artist in the 20’s, New York was the place to be in the 50’s, and LA in the 90’s, and the internet is the place to be in 2018. It’s crazy to think how closely connected we are in today’s internet age. You’re just one retweet away from having a blog or something you created go viral. A lot of content is generated these days. I think now we are going through a transitional phase though. The true artists are starting to break through as the Logan Paul’s of the world slowly destroy their careers.

You Knew It was Coming


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  1. Happy birthday, dude. Enjoy your day. I’m bummed out too that Patriots lost the Super Bowl to freaking Philadelphia of all teams, but we’ll be back next year. The Blitz for Six will continue. I just turned 65 last monday.

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