A Day in Paradise (Part Two)

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Jimmy looked as the most beautiful women he had ever seen walked down the sidewalks. All around them were pictures of the last Colombian woman to win the Miss Universe. And if she wasn’t in the picture it was a past winner before her. The women in the streets each had perfect bodies, flawless skin, and teeth that would get any of them hired for a Crest White Strips commercial. They never approached the young men but each time a girl would look at them her eyes would be glued to Jimmy’s blue eyes and blonde hair.


A waitress approached the men in the middle of the city. She placed them at the table outside and took their orders. While waiting for their food a group of three black teenagers approached them with a speaker and started rapping over a beat. They asked for money after the performance but the young men didn’t give in. Out of the shadows of the city a black man that was in his late thirties approached their table. He must have been 6 feet and at least two hundred and fifty pounds.

“ Whats up fellas. I’m Boss.”

“ That’s your first name?” Steve asked.

“Where are you guys from?”

“ We’re from Boston.”

“ Orlando Cabrera played for the Red Sox. He grew up right here in Cartagena.”

“ Really? That’s awesome.”

“ What are you guys doing tonight?”

“ We’re not sure yet. It’s our first night so we are probably going to a club.”

“ Ah. The clubs around here are not very good on a Wednesday night. There is a cockfight. You guys should come.”

“ That sounds awesome! What time?”

“ Meet me here at eight and I’ll bring you.”

“ Alright sounds good.”

“And if you need any cocaine or weed let me know.”

Boss then handed each of the men a business card, making sure to shake each of their hands and look them directly in the eye before darting off.

“ Should we go to it?” asked Mike.

“ Fuck yeah, man. A cock fight, how often do you experience that?” said Steve

Jimmy thought about it. Cockfighting is morally wrong and completely messed up for the animals. He was going to argue his case for a chill night of poker, but something about being in the Colombian air made him have a change of heart.

“ Guys, it’s part of the Colombian experience. Lets soak it all in,” Jimmy said.

“ That’s what I like to here! Finally Jimmy, welcome aboard,” said Steve.


They went back to the hostel and changed into going out clothing, and picked up a bottle of tequila on the way. They spent an hour taking shots and filling their nostrils with the nose candy.

“ This is just great, all of us hanging out chilling. We are really best friends,” said Steve.

“ Yeah, I love you guys. Lets have the time of our lives,” said Mike.

As the young men were having this heart to heart Jimmy could not stop admiring how well the Colombian glow looked on his muscles. He made sure to unbutton four of his dress shirts top buttons, exposing his entire chest.


They met Boss in the center of town. He brought them to the building with a sign outside which read 4 USD full lunch. They walked in past large men who had knives. Girls with short dresses and drug-induced, prematurely-aged faces stood around the men. They opened up a door and were now in a room with around sixty to seventy people. Boss took out a bag of white powder and said, “Try.”

They all took a bump.


Two large Colombian men walked around taking bets for each bird. They walked with a baseball hat and a notepad, collecting names and placing money into the hats. He held the hat up to Jimmy but Jimmy declined. Then he held it to Jimmy again, but he didn’t seem to be asking. He was demanding.

“ I’ll bet 20 mill pesos on the black one,” Jimmy said to him, and handed over his cash. They all took another sniff of Boss’s white powder which felt much different than what they bought from the fedora salesman.


The red rooster stood to the right and the black tailed rooster stood to the back and Jimmy looked down and there was a razor blade on the left foot of each one Oh god this is gonna be CRAZY Steve said Its gonna be nuts! and Jimmy didn’t know what to expect but over and over in his head he kept hearing Steve say It’s all part of the Colombian experience just SSSOOOOKKEEE IT ALL INNN and then the crowd formed a circle that looked like a human cage and the birds jumped up pecking at each other’s throats kicking pecking pecking slicing and then the black bird fell down its neck snapped in half and then the Colombian man grabbed the almost dead bird by its foot and just tossed it into a wheelbarrow of dead bird carcasses and then the crowd cheered and high fived and the other half was swearing and seemed mad especially the big Colombian man with the gold tooth and gold chain and FFUUUCCKKK he screamed and stomped on the winning bird who was now also half dead and he picked up the bird

It’s all part of the colombian experience

opened his mouth and bit hard into the bird’s throat and its wings fluttered and feathers dispersed and blood was everywhere and he spit it out and the head of the bird flew across the crowd and landed into Jimmys cup and its eyes were so dead looking directly at

soak it all in


“ Woah that was crazy.” said Mike

“ Yea insane the bird the guy with the gold tooth holy shit I am wired this place is is insane it’s like we’re not even on earth it’s like some sort of other dimension or something” said Vin,

“ Look at this dog.” Mike said as he clapped his hands to call it over.

“ Oh my god! I think it pregnant.” Vin said.

“ Its fat. Its not pregnant.” Jimmy said.

“ There are puppies coming out of it!” said Vin.

Vin then reached down, taking out puppy after puppy. He had four all together.

“ Put it back.” Said Jimmy.

“ Put it back where?” said Vin. Its part of the world now. I’m its home and I’m taking care of it. Theres one for each of us. I’m gonna put them in this alley way and get it some food later. I’m going to be their dad.


A colombian girl who was very beautiful approached Jimmy, saying something in Spanish that he did not understand.

“ Hey translator what did she say to me?” Jimmy asked Mike.

“ She said she loves your beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair,” said Translator One.

“ Of course she did. Ask her where she’s going tonight?”

“ She said there’s a club open up here that she is promoting. We get a free margarita if we go.”


The club they went into had three floors. Upstairs was outside and had a DJ, the bottom floor also had a DJ and stripper poles, and the basement was very dark with large men, girls dressed in barely anything, couches, and little rooms that seemed to be for private. The young men ordered two drinks at a time, and kept using cocaine in the bathrooms.


Jimmy Sullivan walked out of the bathroom and couldn’t find his friends. Where are my translators? he thought to himself. A soft white dress and long black hair caught his eye. With a newfound confidence like a god among men, he approached this woman.

“ Would you like to dance?”

“ Yes,” she said.

Jimmy felt a connection instantly. She only knew a few words of English and he didn’t know any Spanish but the universal language of dance united them. Their hips locked and moved fluidly. The music sounded so beautiful. He heard the back up vocals so clearly as if he was one with the music, the dance, the world. The woman then grabbed his hand, leading him out the door of the club. They held hands as they made their way to the beach, and they lay on the soft sand while looking up at the night stars.

I’ve never seen stars so bright in my life.

Jimmy then turned to the woman and looked her in the eyes and went to kiss her.

“ Amigo. Dinero. Dinero,” said one of three huge Colombian men.

The beach, waves, and stars all disappeared. Jimmy was right outside the club but the girl was still there, next to these three new men. The city lights shown directly on the woman’s face. Her face was bony, and her teeth looked like they were ready to fall out of her gums.

“ I like you babay.” the woman in the white dress said.

The men kept speaking Spanish. Jimmy pulled out his wallet but he only had his card. Not knowing what to do he walked back into the club to try to find his friends. Slipping into a cocaine induced rage, Jimmy ordered drink after drink, and did line after line until he was completely numb to this disappointment.

“ Jimmy, “ Steve called out. “ There’s hookers downstairs bro, let’s go!”

Jimmy, Steve, Translator one, and Translator two, all walked downstairs together. They were all looking at the girls, not knowing how to approach the situation. Then they saw Boss, and about ten of the guys who happened to be at the cockfight earlier.

“ Boss! What can I get for 100 usd?” Steve yelled

“ I have a very special girl for that,” The Boss replied.

Out of a small room Boss came out holding the hand of a beautiful girl. To Jimmy’s disbelief it was the girl in the white dress.”

“ Hell yeah she’s hot! Here you go Boss.” said Steve as he handed over the money.

Jimmy gave Steve a glare of death and spoke in a deep monotone- don’t-fuck-with me- right-now-Steve voice.

“Fuck you Jimmy,” Steve said and he took the woman in the white dress to a private room.

Jimmy sat in silence, openly doing cocaine, he wasn’t even trying to disguise it. Translator One and Two tried talking to him but Jimmy was unresponsive.

“Hey Jim. I need to go check on my dogs.” said translator Two

Not caring in the slightest what they did, Jimmy just responded.


Fifteen minutes after the translators left there was a scream.

The woman in the white dress ran out of the room crying and screaming in Spanish. She was holding her left eye. She ran to Jimmy and jumped to his arms and he comforted her. Then Steve came out and she pointed at Steve and yelled in Spanish and Jimmy read between the lines and ran up to Steve and screamed, “You hit her?”

Large Colombian men were screaming in Spanish and Steve looked helpless yelled, “ I didn’t do anything. She hit herself, she’s making it up!”

The Colombian men got louder and started pushing Steve and Steve looked at Jimmy and said.

“ Wheres Mike and Vin? I need them to translate and talk to these guys before they kill me!”

“Gone,” Jimmy said.

Steve attempted to pay the Colombian men. He took out all his cash but the Colombian men shook their heads and kept saying,“More”

And this went on and Jimmy just watched as Steve got punched by a man twice his size. Two men then grabbed Steve and held him down and tied his hands behind his back and put a bandage over his mouth. Then one of the hookers brought out a bucket of black liquid and they poured it all over Steve. Then another hooker grabbed feathers and started sprinkling it all over Steve, and Jimmy still watched but became more and more paranoid and tried to leave but the Boss saw.

“ Stop! This is your friend. I know that. You’re in this together. But only one of you is getting out.”


Ten men and twenty hookers formed a ring around Jimmy and Steve. They helped Steve to his feet. Then they went around placing bets. Jimmy had never punched someone before, so he and Steve just walked around at first. The Colombians didn’t like this and started to kick Jimmy in the leg until Jimmy swung and hit Steve, knocking him to the ground.

“ Steve I’m sorry. It’s all part of the Colombian experience.”

Steve screamed through the bandage over his mouth, and looked at Jimmy with desperate eyes, but Jimmy just kept thinking about the woman in the white dress, and each time her scream played in his head, Jimmy closed his eyes and would punch, harder, and faster, and punch until he was just hitting the floor. He finally opened his eyes and looked up, while on his knees. The Colombian men were all laughing, pointing and kept laughing at him. Jimmy’s world shook as he looked down and saw that Steve wasn’t on the floor, but what lay there was a dead rooster, and Jimmy just wanted to go home.


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