Seven Reasons Why Old People are the Best

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1.They’re Genuine

Seeing your Grandma for the first time in a while is an instant self esteem boost. Every time you feel like a complete failure in life, just visit your grandmother and you’ll feel reborn again.


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2.They’re Part of the Greatest Generation

When I was blacking out at bars three nights a week from 18-22, my grandfather was storming the beaches of Normandy. They’re true heroes.

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3.They Appreciate Your Time

Many of their friends are no longer with us, and they’ve been through tragedies we have not yet experienced, which makes them appreciate life and the time they have left.

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4.Grandma’s Apple Pie

There’s always that one food your grandmother makes that just tastes better than every other variation you’ve had before. Its because it has a special ingredient….Love. 🙂

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5.They’re Low Key Racist

Every dark thought you had before it came to fruition that made you question if you are in fact racist is solidified by your grandparents. They may have grew up in a different time but it doesn’t mean they’re wrong! Or maybe it does, who knows!?

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6.They Have A Ton of Money *Life Hack*

The first thing they teach you in Finance is the time value of money. There’s a positive correlation between the amount of money you have, and the amount of time you’ve been alive. Lets face it, old people are absolutely loaded. They say your net worth is the average net worth of the five people you’re around most. If that’s the case, I’m dropping all my friends and hitting the nursing home every Saturday. Bingo > the club.

7.Their Will Might Not Be Filled Out Yet

Just watch this music video. This old guy straight up gives all his money to a country singer he met three times. I think we can all learn something from this. Instead of trying to get rich off bitcoin, get rich off some old man who’s kids despise him by becoming friends with him. If you do this about five times successfully, you could become a millionaire, maybe even a billionaire before you know it.


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