Greta Van Fleet Changed My Life

Almost week ago one my best friends texted me and asked “Do you want to see Greta Van Fleet tonight?” After going to Lynyrd Skynyrd on Friday and then day drinking at Jim Plunkett at the Improper Bostonian on Saturday, and getting kicked out of The Sand Dollar the same night, your boy was hurting. I usually try to limit my drinking to once a week, due to excessive drinking in high school and college which left me with the liver and kidneys of a 50 year old advertising executive, but I said fuck it, I’m going, and it was the best decision I’d made all year. We listened to a few songs on the car ride going in, and I knew I was going to enjoy this concert. They sounded like a young Led Zeppelin which is one of my favorite bands, along with The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd. I’m a huge classic rock guy. The concert was at the House of Blues, which I previously had bad experiences with, due to buying seats in the fucking Mezzanine. Never buy tickets in the Mezzanine. I don’t know who designed the House of Blues, but when you stand in the Mezzanine only about 20% of the room to stand has a view of the stage. Therefore people pile of top of each other in order to get a glimpse of the stage. I saw The Local Natives almost two years ago and I literally had to stand on my tippy toes the whole time. Not good concert vibes. But this was not the case this time around. My boy hooked it up with GODDAMN floor seats. The opening band was dope, and then the magic happened.


They came out and the place was fucking electric. The lead singer,  Josh Kiszka came out rocking a poncho and I knew shit was going to go down. I had never felt an energy like this before at a show. I knew I was witnessing greatness happen in front of me. They went on incredible guitar solos throughout, and just looked like they were having fun. Josh sounds exactly like a young Robert Plant and his stage presence was incredible. It reminded me of the first time I watched a Queen music video and felt like Freddy Mercury was trying to seduce me. The kid has complete control over the crowd, and I guarantee he slept with at least two of my future wives after the show.

A Musical Revolution

I read somewhere before that this time period reminds people of the 60s. With all the political unrest, and terrible things happening in the world, great art is born. There are so many great bands and artists coming out of this generation and it’s incredible to see.

They sold out the House of Blues two nights in a row, and two days later played on Jimmy Fallen. These guys are the real deal and I’m glad I got to witness it in person.

Being Sporadic

Image result for amsterdam fault in our stars

The greatest moments in my life have come from saying fuck it and doing things. I’m done being miserable in my cubicle, and coming home to the same mundane process of life. So you know I did? I booked a vacation to Amsterdam for five days at the end of August. I’m done sitting on the sidelines waiting for life to happen to me. Rock and Roll is back baby! and so am I.


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