FDA Declares Vaping Amongst Teens an Epidemic

As Chris Rock once said “Legalize everything. People wanna get high.” The only thing I ever cared about from age 13 to 20 was getting fucked up, and girls. People with short term memory may say something like. “In 7th grade all I did was homework. Kids these days are soooooo bad.” Wrong AF. Either you were getting fucked up back then, or you wanted to get fucked up. Every generation is the same, shit doesn’t change.


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Truth’s Anti-Tobacco Campaigns

The last half decade or so Truth has been straight up giving me nightmares with their shocking anti-tobacco campaigns. Seriously, these commercials were like two minute horror films. They cheered saying “Lets be the first generation to stop smoking!” Well along came vaping. I truly do not see a way you can shut down the JUUL craze. What’s your move? Ban USB sticks? Not going to happen.

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Is It That Bad?

Like I said before young kids only care about getting fucked up. I’m a realist, and don’t live in a bubble. I’d much rather see a kid get way too light headed off of a 50 nic vape kamikaze ghost rip than see him trying to get fucked up off of bath salts.

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What is Popcorn Lung?

Vaping is clearly better for you than smoking cigarettes, but I always hear about something called popcorn lung. I always thought it was a condition you develop when you eat popcorn so often that you are inhaling the fumes when you first open the bag, but I could be wrong. This seems like the biggest threat to vape users.

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Is This Really An Epidemic?

It seems like in America people only care when shits right in their face. Vaping is legal, and is mainstream, so its seen as a threat. There’s some kid in the back of class who just went to his grandparents house last weekend in the cape. You know what he did? He pored Grandma’s Beef-eaters gin into a four separate water bottles all filled 75% up. He sold three of the water bottles to his friends for ten dollars each. They’re all hammered right now. There’s also another group of kid’s smoking one of their fathers cigarettes. There’s also a kid drawing Sonic the Hedgehog in the back of class. You know what he’s drawing with? A god-damn sharpy. You know what else he’s doing with that sharpie? He’s sniffing it to get high. It’s a damn shame, but always remember, shit could be worse.


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