Call Her Daddy: The Best Thing to Happen to Barstool Since the Webcam Rundowns

While scrolling down my Instagram feed a few days ago, I somehow stumbled upon this video…..

I thought to myself “Who are these girls?” and “I think I’m in love with the brown haired girl to the right.” After doing a little bit of research creeping, I found out they recently signed with Barstool sports and so I thought again to myself “Fucking Pres did it again.”

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When I first started reading Barstool, I was in fifth grade. I was there before “Saturday’s are for the boys.” Before Hank would fuck up the recording of every Rundown. I was there before the Barstool Blackout tours. I was there when the rundowns were webcam calls between Pres, KFC, and Big Cat. I was even there before Big Cat was the Chicago guy, and they had some dude who looked like Chris Sims running the page. My dad happened to show me it at the ripe age of 12 years old. El Pres had that “I don’t give a fuck what you think”, rock-star type attitude that hooked you in immediately, and I have to say these girls have it too.

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Barstool were the bad boys of rock and roll. Barstool to ESPN is what The Rolling Stone were to the Beatles. While society became soft, and free speech was being taken away, Barstool was there for those of us who didn’t want to accept that shit, and let us feel we could say what we actually were thinking.

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I’ll be honest. I’m not the same stoolie I once was. Some of the new people just don’t do it for me. I love PMT Commentor, Donnie Does, and Francis, but that’s about it. Pres, Big Cat, Handsome Hank, and KFC were my favorites from the jump, but to be frank, the new talent just doesn’t cut it. Maybe they got too big too quick, maybe there was too much corporate pressure for expanding. I’m not sure what, but thank god they hired Sofia and Alexandra to bring back that raw, unfiltered, don’t give a fuck attitude I’ve been missing. Skip to 21:08 in the video below

I never knew I needed two smokeshows to ask a chubby tech kid his technique for munching box until now. People might say “What’s wrong with you? Those girls suck!” Well I don’t give a fuck. I like people who aren’t afraid of saying what’s on their mind and don’t judge others who do so. Look how smug KFC looks listening to these girls talk. Cheer up, you were young once too.

Great Things are Ahead

These girls are fucking savages. There content is so raw, and pretty damn entertaining. I have an eye for talent, and they just have that “It” factor that’ll bring them to great places in their careers. You can checkout their podcast on iTunes every Wednesday for new episodes.

P.S. I need to cop some merch ASAP


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