Forget Bug Spray, Hipsters are Using Spiders to Fight Off Mosquitoes

With the recent reports of how damaging insect repellent is to not only your skin, but to the environment, this group of teenagers created a trend that sparked the interest of thousands of people across America. Spider sales have risen 688% in the last two months. “We were all sitting around one day in my parents wood shed, which is infested with mosquitoes, when we watched these bugs getting trapped by this web in the corner. It sparked an idea in our heads to buy the Golden Orb Weaver Spider and place them around the shed. Before we knew it, all the mosquitoes were gone.” – 17 year old high school student Judi Morgan explained. “We took our idea even further and thought that we could create environmentally friendly jewelry that also helps with our countries mosquito problem.”



(Pictured Above: Silver Encrusted Web Necklace Titled “Widowed”)

The necklaces not only trap the insects, but with the smell of the Golden’ Orb venom, which is encrusted in the chain, it actually drives the insects away. 

Throughout my day I sit at my desk at work and try to think of million dollar ideas, and it never works out, and now I have this 17 year old high-school student rubbing this in my face. Not only are they saving the environment, but they are creating jewelry that is swagged the fuck out. I’m buying this necklace and about five of these spiders ASAP. Shout out to nature.

Image result for Golden Orb Weaver Spider

It might be scary having five of these things run around your shed, but if it gets rid of mosquitoes I’m all for it, just make sure to tell your homie before he smokes seventeen blunts in your parents shed.



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