Celtics Player Power Rankings 2018/2019 Season

With a completely stacked roster this year its hard to figure out the hierarchy of the team roster. I’m here to help you think less, and allow you to copy my opinion when you’re debating which current Celtics are the most valuable with that shitfaced 50 year old dude at the town bar. Here I present to you Celtics Player Power Rankings for the 2018/2019 season.

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1. Kyrie Irving 

Irving is the clear alpha of this team. It still blows my mind people thought Rozier could replace him because of one playoff series, smh. 

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2.  Jayson Tatum

Tatum is the star just blossoming before our eyes. It’s incredible to see him run the offense when Kyrie is on the bench. Just so damn good besides those shitty mid range shots Kobe implanted into his impressionable mind. Go ruin someone else’s franchise Kobe. If I were Danny Ainge I would make Tatum file a restraining order against Kobe.

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   3. Al Horford

Horford doesn’t have the flashy plays, but he is one of the best all around bigs in the league. His defense, passing, and floor spacing allow us to do what we do.

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4.Marcus Smart

Smart is our glue guy. His plays don’t show up on the stat sheet, but anyone who has ever played competitive sports knows players like Smart are what creates championship teams. Trust me, I won three town league championships.

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5.Marcus Morris

Morris is having a career season and has arguably been our most consistent player. He’s always ready for war and comes up in the clutch consistently. He knows his role and doesn’t step out of his lane *cough Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown* It blows my mind that he can play for two teams though and still put up this kind of production.

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6.Jaylen Brown

People overrated Brown right off the bat. He has a ton of potential but people need to hold their horses thinking him and Tatum are on the same level. He has all the athleticism, but lacks fluidity in his game and his jump shot can’t be trusted yet. I think he will be a good but not a great player when it’s all said and done. Not to be a hater just being realistic.

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7.Gordon Hayward

Hayward is still recovering from his injury and recently is starting to find his own. I expect him to move up a few spots before the season ends but right now this is where he ranks.

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8.Terry Rozier

Rozier is having a solid year but isn’t shooting great. He clearly wants a bigger role but he needs to realize his time will eventually come, probably with another team, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

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9.Daniel Theis

I would rank Theis higher but our team is just too stacked. This is another glue guy who just makes things happen. He plays incredible defense, runs the floor like a deer and has some major fucking drip. His sleeve is incredible and his blazer over the t-shirt rockstar look is something Russel Westbrook should study. 

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10.Aaron Baynes

Baynes is incredible at defense and adds a whole lot of toughness to our defense. If he wasn’t foreign I would ask him why he thinks it’s still 2014 rocking the top knot #stoptheknot but foreign guys are allowed to violate any social norm in the U.S. because people look at them and think “Well he doesn’t know any better.”

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11.Robert Williams

I want to put Williams higher but it’s too small of a sample size and he doesn’t have the offensive game, but man he is incredible to watch. He is starting to become one of the best shot blockers in the league, and when he gets the ball infront of the basket, it is game over with his tomahawk dunks. 

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12.Semi Ojeleye

I feel bad for Semi. He is a classic 3 and d guy that just doesn’t have enough minutes on the table for him.

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13-15 The Rest

I haven’t seen enough of the other guys but I like Wanamaker and wish Yabu could become the French Draymond Green.

Leave a comment below if you disagree with my ranking. Let the debate start.


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