I’ve Officially Had It With PETA

I was happy today. It was a cold January day, and yet I was happy. The happiness I seldom feel in the middle of winter was taken away by one thing, and one thing only….. an organization that goes by the name of PETA.

This is what I saw while scrolling through Facebook. PETA officially taking shots at Jimmy Fallon for having cute exotic animals on his show that I live for. I love animals, but PETA has to come in making me feel guilty once again.

How can you not smile throughout this video watching Steve Irwin’s son (RIP) follow his fathers footsteps.

This Beef is Long Overdue

Let me say this, I don’t need to watch a birth to appreciate a beautiful baby, and I don’t need to watch a cow get killed to appreciate a great steak. I’m tired of watching videos of animals being murdered, and so I made the executive decision to unfollow PETA.

Is This Where The Beef Started?

I think this was the last god damn stick when it came to me and Peta’s beef……. “Feed two birds with one scone.” Come on bro, don’t make me google what a scone is to get what this idiom means. “Take the flower by the thorns.” Can you imagine Shia Labeuf saying. ” Take the flower by the thorns and…..

I actually weirdly can picture him saying this, but that’s besides the point. Check out this next video below…..


Jesus Christ imagine being given a glass of milk, thinking shits all good and someone tells you its fucking dog milk. These people should be given a pass to murder whoever created this video.

Fuck Celebrity PETA Advocates

Hey Miley Cyrus, not everyone has the luxury of having a personal chef create them vegan meals all day. If I had that luxury I would probably stop eating meat too, but I don’t. I need meat in order to gain weight/ keep my weight and muscle, and before all you hippies say “YOU CAN GET YOUR PROTEIN THROUGH NUTS.” No I can’t. I’m allergic/hyper sensitive to most nuts, and I imagine there are other people are like me who also need meat to survive.

Not trying to keep feeding a fed horse, but that’s just how I feel.

Yours Truly,

Jon Yolo


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