Meditate Don’t Medicate

I recently started meditating. It started when I couldn’t sleep one night before a huge exam I was taking the next day. I downloaded an app called Headspace and used their free trial. I always had the idea that meditation was really goofy and for those free soul type of people. Maybe I am a free soul, who knows. I don’t even know if I belong on this planet. I thought that meditation would help me sleep off the Adderall high that I was on, and I was 110% correct. Usually, if I had trouble sleeping, I would take a Z-quill. Let me tell ya, meditation knocked me the fuck out. I did the first step in the process and was feeling super relaxed and calm. Then I decided to put on a sleep-specific session. I was out like a light (like a light) within the first 5 minutes.

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It starts out with a guy or girl speaking in a soft calming voice. They ask you to reflect on your day. Starting with your eyes open, you do a couple deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth. After about the fourth breath they tell you to slowly close your eyes on your out breath. Once your eyes are closed, they ask you to go from your feet to your head and notice your muscles shifting off for the night. This part is always trippy for me because I notice how my muscles are turning off. After doing this in every part of your body your next step is to focus on your breath. How it flows through your body, which muscles are being used to allow this necessary function work. How your body does this as an aspect of survival and that it comes so naturally that you don’t even think twice about it. Your mind starts to wonder at this point. I really cannot describe the stuff I start to think about, and it feels like it’s real. This is the point where I will either pass out or continue to get pulled back in by the voice in the mediation session. Usually, they will be silent to let your mind wander, but they will interrupt every 2 minutes to have you focus on your breathing. I cannot say how much this has helped with my sleeping and mental state during stressful times. It’s like a drug that doesn’t harm you at all. 

I never thought I would meditate and was always told that it was a great alternative to drugs and alcohol to deal with your issues. I wasn’t until I listened to J. Cole’s latest album K.O.D that I really wanted to give it a try. Many of the songs on his album go into addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, technology, or sex. Everything about his new album resonated with me on a personal level. I felt like he was speaking directly to me. Telling me that “man, you gotta deal with your problems in another safer, healthier way.” It took me the whole year to even give mediation a try, only when I needed it did, I try it. And I wish that I tried it earlier. As much as I love getting high and just marinating on my couch watching movies, tv, playing video games and listening to music. Meditation takes my brain and mind to a different state. One greater than the cannabis high. Don’t get me wrong I am going to continue to smoke weed, more than I will drink alcohol this year since its now legal. I will for a fact decrease my alcohol consumption just based on how I feel the next day and the stupid things I do while drunk. Being high is just awesome. 

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J. Cole – K.O.D

I am writing this to outline other methods one might use to distract themselves from shitty situations or stressful events that happen in your life. Addiction is a real disease and it affects not only yourself but the people around you who care about you. Using mediation is one way to mitigate the feeling of wanting to shut off the world. It gives you steps and goals to achieve and it walks you through them. Opioids are one drug that I just do not get. Given to you by big pharma, these motherfuckers lead people directly to Heroin. It’s fucked up and it’s something that I hope people will stop doing. With marijuana becoming legal in many states now, I think people should be switching their oxy’s for pot brownies. Instead of trying to dull the pain for a short time, learn how to deal with it in the long term.


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