My New Year’s Resolution: Learn Spanish, First Month Update

For New Years this year I set a couple goals for myself. The first one that I really want to accomplish is to learn Spanish. I took three years of Spanish in highschool, and didn’t give a shit about it at the time. I retained basically none of it, but after going to Colombia twice, I really want to be able to get the full experience of traveling to Spanish speaking countries without looking like a completely lost gringo. I follow a couple people on Instagram who only post in Spanish, and I’m starting to be able to translate certain posts that they write. It’s going to take a long time to get to where I want to be, but I thought I’d share some of the resources I’ve used so far to help me get to where I am, and my future plans regarding learning this language.

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Duolingo is a free app you can download on your phone. It has quick lessons, and a daily goal you must reach in order to keep a daily streak going. Not to brag but I’m officially on day 34. It sends reminders if you haven’t completed your goal, which has helped me tremendously. I have learned so much vocabulary so far, and thats a great base for learning a language, because you definitely need to learn WORDS to speak it.

Coffee Break Spanish

I started listening to this podcast during my free time, or when I’m pretending to work. This podcast is great for beginners because it is spoken in English and has a teacher and a student learning Spanish. The host teaches new words, and phrases, and lets you hear the pronunciation which is super important. I learned why Spanish people talk so damn fast through this podcast, but I won’t reveal that secret right now.

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Having a Pen Pal

I still talk to a couple friends I made in Colombia almost daily, and this is a great way to practice your Spanish. It makes you not sound like a fucking robot, or a SIRI voice when you talk to your pen pal because you will be able to pick up on the local slang, and not sound like a nerd, and sound like a cool ass Spanish speaking person. DON’T YOU WANT TO BE COOL. Just get a damn pen pal, but if you can’t maybe try becoming friends with someone who you know who speaks Spanish, but that might be awkward, sorry.

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My Future Plans

These have been my three biggest resources, which are all free. I am just getting started so I’m going to try and finish the entire Duolingo Tree, and also finish season one of Coffee Break Spanish. Also, I will still talk to my friends because I love them and I’m not just using them to learn a language….. My next steps going forward will be the following……

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Teach English/Study Spanish Abroad

This will be my next move that will bring me to the next level. Three of my friends have done this and fours a party, so here I am trying to do it too. This is also a little life hack for all you lost souls who have post college depression. Teaching English abroad is in huge demand, so you can continue to have a fun life if you want. I plan on teaching English during my afternoons, and also taking Spanish lessons nearby during my mornings hopefully. Living in a Spanish speaking country forces you to speak the language every day, and will help you get to the next level.

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Marry Someone From a Spanish Speaking Country

This is probable a couple years away, but if I marry someone from a Spanish speaking country, I’ll be able to live there, which will allow me to practice the language every day. I know marrying someone might be a bit extreme to some people, but when you commit to something you’re supposed to stick with it.

Wish Me Luck

I’ll give another update after 6 months or if any of my plans come to fruition, whichever comes first. I hope this motivates some of you to continue your goals for this year. Let’s get this money baby.

Yours Truly,

Jon Yolo


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