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I’m 24 years old today, and I’m feeling pretty good. The Patriots won the Super Bowl, I haven’t drank in a month besides after the AFC Championship Game, but I won’t count it, I’m almost fluent in Spanish, I’ve been at my job for a year, I have some money saved up, and I finally have some direction for my future. I can already feel this is going to be the best year of my life. I’ve wanted to create content my whole life, and I finally have a squad who is down for the cause.

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My Wolfpack

This is going to be the year where I and my Wolfpack take over the internet. We are going harder than ever in year two of somedrunkblogger. Not only will there be blogs regularly, but you might be seeing a podcast or two coming up, I can’t legally talk about this yet, but I wanted to throw it out there. We might even see some videos coming out since this is a digital world and people hate reading. You might even see a vlog of a couple gringos trying to fit into the local culture of a Spanish speaking country, where one of the gringos speaks very little Spanish. Who knows? I’m just thinking out loud, but a lot of truth is said in jest as Eminem once said.

What 23 Taught Me

I learned a lot about my self the last year. One thing I know now is if someone doesn’t respect you, or makes you feel unsafe, or uncomfortable in any way, you need to move on from that person. As life goes on we sometimes try holding on to certain parts of our life. Going back to my hometown I thought I could pick up where I left off after being at school for four years, but it’s like in the Great Gatsby when Nick tells Gatsby you can’t repeat the past. People change, and you do too, it’s how life works. In order to stay sane in this life, you need to keep moving forward. There’s nothing left for me in the town I grew up in besides family and a few close friends, but nothing has felt more free than having myself accept that part of my life is 100% over. I have the whole world in-front of me. I have places to explore, people to meet, goals to achieve, and its all exciting. This is honestly the most excited I’ve ever been about life. I have a blank ass sheet of paper with a whole ass book that hasn’t been written yet. I ain’t got no kids, I’m healthy, I’m still young, I have a passport, I could literally go wherever I wanted tomorrow. I’m free, but my boy 21 savage isn’t #free21 never thought he would be a facking wanka btw. Also free El Pres.

Attention College Students

I’m looking for ambassadors for this blog. If you want to spread the word, and maybe rock some merch, hit my dm on instagram and we can work something out. This will be a paid opportunity. If you know anyone who is a full-time intern, or you yourself are a full-time intern also hit my dm.

Video Producers

If you know anything about video production also hit my DM.

Thank you for reading!

Yours Truly,

Jon Yolo


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