How to Become Rich (Number 3 Will Blow Your Mind!)

You see a lot of social media influencers these days trying to sell you a course on how to become rich like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and even Jordan Belfort, the actual fucking guy from Wolf of Wallstreet, who, believe it or not is becoming an influencer, and seeing this guy and what he’s really like has officially ruined Wolf of Wallstreet. If you have Leonardo DiCaprio playing you in your autobiography, THATS HOW YOU GO OUT, there is literally nothing that can top that. It would be like playing in the NFL, and winning ten Superbowls in a row, going into retirement, coming back out of retirement and choosing to be a third string quarter back for the next five years, but that’s besides the point. Each of their courses can cost thousands of dollars, so I’m here to provide you with free material on how to become rich.

1.Be Born Into Wealth

Believe it or not this is the quickest way to become rich. If you have rich parents, they will eventually leave you with an inheritance, or set you up with a trust, or literally just give you their money.

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2.Marry Someone Rich

I’m not just talking about you ladies out there, I’m talking about you guys too. If you marry someone who is already rich you have access to all there money, unless you get divorced and you will only get half. Whatever you do don’t sign a prenup.

3.Sell A Book That Teaches People How to Become Rich

You don’t even need to be rich to do this. If you just act rich, and create a book that teaches people how to become rich, you will eventually sell enough books that will make you rich!

There You Have It

Those are three fool proof ways of becoming rich. Don’t do what nerds do, like creating a tech startup, investing in the stock-market, buying real estate etc. Those things all take way more time, and who wants to be rich when you’re old, theres no point.

Yours Truly,

Jon Yolo


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