Death By Crest White Strips

The other day I asked my friend for some advice. He asked “What’s wrong Jonny?” and so I said “I don’t feel comfortable talking to women because of my teeth.” He said “All you need are some Crest White Strips.” and so I replied “I meant a couple of my teeth are chipped, now you’re …

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I’ve Officially Had It With PETA

I was happy today. It was a cold January day, and yet I was happy. The happiness I seldom feel in the middle of winter was taken away by one thing, and one thing only….. an organization that goes by the name of PETA. This is what I saw while scrolling through Facebook. PETA officially …

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Family Member Power Rankings

With holiday season approaching, expect to see family members way more often than you’d like. Here I present to you family member power rankings…. 1.Grandma/Grandpa Nothing makes you feel better than talking to your grandparents when you have nothing going on with your life. You can have $5 in your bank account, without any career …

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Savage Things We Need to Bring Back

As a child who grew up the 2000s I just missed out on this totally accepting society, where dads are telling their sons not play football anymore, being a nerd is cool, and people are making millions of dollars by having people watch them play video-games. What a time to be alive. With all that …

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