Downsizing is the Worst Movie Ever Made

Last summer while sitting at bar, a friend of mine asked “Have you seen the trailer for downsizing?” I replied “Yes.” Even though I hadn’t seen it yet. I didn’t want my friend Jeremy to know he had any advantage over me, and so I snuck away to the bathroom. I proceeded to google downsizing …

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If You Love Donnie Darko You’ll Love These Movies Too

I’ll be giving away a $50 amazon gift card at random in two weeks. In order to enter the drawing, I just need you to tag three friends in the comment section of my Instagram post, share this post on facebook, and give my facebook page a like and solid review. (Five stars please). Then just dm or email me screenshots that you did this and I’ll put you in the drawing which will be randomly selected. I will announce the winner on January 19th. Good Luck!

Is “Baby Driver” The Greatest Movie Ever Made?

I’m not a fast car, getaway driving, action movie type of person at all. I’ve never seen any of the Fast and Furious movies and I’m pretty sure they’re making not 7, not 8, not 9, but 10 of them. FUCKING 10. I didn’t cry when Paul Walker died, I honestly didn’t even know who Paul …

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