A Day in Paradise (Part Two)

** The formatting is kind of weird on WordPress but every double space means a jump in time, or a jump to a new scene. Just wanted to clear that up.**   Jimmy looked as the most beautiful women he had ever seen walked down the sidewalks. All around them were pictures of the last …

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A Day in Paradise (Part one)

Jimmy Sullivan walked off the plane into the 90-degree heat of Cartagena. He and his best friends had ten days to spend in a country they had only seen on late night Netflix binges of Narcos, and the movie Blow with Johnny Depp. Jimmy was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes, happy that …

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No Sunshine

“The dripping sweat from my fore arm trickled down to my fingers. My grip on my phone loosened. It dropped. I reached for my phone, but it kept falling. As my fingers were able to touch it, I felt the world turn. An eternal darkness began to close in from the corners of my eyes to the center of my vision like the closing scene of an old movie. It was darker than the blackness of night.”

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