No Sunshine

“The dripping sweat from my fore arm trickled down to my fingers. My grip on my phone loosened. It dropped. I reached for my phone, but it kept falling. As my fingers were able to touch it, I felt the world turn. An eternal darkness began to close in from the corners of my eyes to the center of my vision like the closing scene of an old movie. It was darker than the blackness of night.”


The Night I Escaped Getting Mugged

Story Time Written on 1/26/2017 “I’ll take another one” I said to the bartender as I handed her my last ten dollars of the night. As I sucked it down, the atmosphere of the bar was dying,  and I knew it was time to leave. “Where are my friends?” I yelled aloud to the strangers …

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Year In Review Part 2 (I Pursued My Dreams)

I Graduated College I ended up graduating college this year and I’m not too sure how to feel about it. I guess I would describe it as bittersweet, finally walking across the stage of the Blue Hill Bank Pavilion as they pronounced my name completely wrong. The last time I was here I was listening …

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